The debate is over! (Evidently NOT!)

If you read this site often, you will think that title implies something about statements that former US Vice President Al Gore made regarding global warming. If you so thought, you are only partially correct. I just read an article about another scientific issue that EVERYONE thought was true. 

For years, it has been assumed that one or two drinks of alcohol per day were good for you. I am sure the vintners of the world helped to increase that belief. Now, the NY Times (and I saw it on Lifehacker) is reporting that this may not be true. It seems that just because healthy people drink an occasional glass of wine, the wine itself is not making them healthy!


Tracking Carbon Trail To Find Why So Much Fills the Atmosphere

Wall Street Journal – December 28, 2007

I have written about the Carbon Tracker service before, but this recent article is very interesting in discussing the lack of understanding that we have in our atmosphere.

Where did all of the carbon go?  It is concerning that we are embarking on a global escapade to reduce, tax, and punish carbon dioxide production but we still can’t answer this very basic question! How does a nation effectively tax carbon production when scientists can’t even tell where 25% all carbon dioxide goes? This begs the question as to if we can appropriately tax the correct polluters and reward the correct sinks.


Wine in the Time of Global Warming

October 16, 2007 – Well Fed Network

I like wine. It is my preferred alcoholic beverage. So an article on how the wine industry will be changed by global warming is very interesting.

The author starts out by assuming that global warming caused by humans is a foregone conclusion. While some of my readers here may disagree with that, there is no doubt that there is some amount of warming going on regardless of the cause, so let’s get past that opening.

As with most things, the general increase in temperatures hurts some aspects of the wine industry and helps others. Areas that are colder and struggle to create high quality fruit may thrive with a slight increase in temperature. Other areas that are at a perfect temperature today may find the increase intolerable and thus see their production and quality diminish.


Winemakers aren’t toasting global warming

Edmonton Sun – February 22, 2007

I need to put this article into “The Ridiculous” category. I almost couldn’t stop laughing when I read it. The author says that if the average world temperature increase 3-4 degrees Celsius, there will be a major shift in where grapes are raised.

First, I know of no study that is concerned with this dramatic level of increase in the next 100 years. Also, while I am sure that Italy would be bothered by this, wouldn’t the more northen latitudes welcome this change?

A study by Florence University linking the effects of rain and temperature to wine production found that increasingly high temperatures and intense rains are likely to threaten the quality of Tuscan wines. Italy’s farmers’ association warned the cultivation of olive trees, which grow in a mild climate, has almost reached the Alps