How Global Warming Works

howstuffworks is a wonderful site that has very well written articles.  This article is a basic description of global warming.  I know that many of my regular readers may find this article very basic however, my goal is to make sure that the average person can understand much of the science of climate change.  To that end, I offer this article.

Global warming was once an uncommon term used by a few scientists who were growing concerned over the effects of decades of pollution on long-term weather patterns. Today, the idea of global warming is well known, if not well understood. It is not unusual to hear someone complaining about a hot day or a freak storm and remark, “It’s global warming.”


The Beginning of the End for Life as We Know it on Planet Earth?

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – May 4, 2007

This is a very disturbing and controversial viewpoint that reminds me of a book by Tom Clancy from several years ago where extremists schemed to demolish the population of the planet to make it better for wildlife.  I have decided to include this article only because I believe that extremism (in either direction) on this issue of humans effecting the world is typically bad.  A centrist viewpoint almost always makes sense and by pointing out the radicals, rational people can disassociate themselves from the stance.


Cold Facts on Global Warming

Science Notes – February 15, 2007

First a disclaimer, while the article that I reference in this post appears to be well written, complete, and well thought out – it does not appear that it has been critically reviewed by scientists and the biography of the author is not 100% clear.

That being said, the author does make some very convincing conclusions and statements and it is worth your time to read and understand.  The author’s conclusion is that the large temperature increases that are found through many of the computer models do not match basic physical measurements.


Study Sheds New Light On Global Warming

Science Daily – April 23, 2007

I really like articles that discuss that we are advancing our knowledge on the climate and the things that can influence it.  This is a very good article regarding a researcher at the University of Sheffield that has developed an innovative index which measures changes in wind and storminess over long periods of time.

Once again, I simply do not understand how one can already arrive at a conclusion on this subject when it seems like every week we read about a scientist that has discovered something new or developed a new understanding.  It is particularly bothersome when we find out that current models are not correct on simple things like the storms in the Atlantic (probably the most studied ocean in the world since it has been traveled regularly for 500 years).


Global warming may spur wind shear, sap hurricanes

Reuters – April 17, 2007

To all of those that think we have this climate modeling stuff figured out, I present this article.  Not more than a few weeks ago there were scientists saying that they had linked global warming to an increase in hurricane activity.  Now, a fairly reputable scientists have published in a reputable science journal that the opposite may be true. 

If new models show that different logical conclusions may occur, doesn’t it call into question all of the models that are predicting climate change at a catastrophic scale?  I am not stating the global warming is fact or fiction.  I am simply stating that we need a massive effort to truly understand our climate before we enact extremely expensive controls and standards.


The Great Global Warming Swindler’s List

Thomas Paine’s Corner – April 8, 2007

This blog article discusses the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.  While I have not had the opportunity to watch this program, I think that the article does a fair job of critiquing the facts portrayed.  It pains me when articles and shows don’t make sure that they have data absolutely correct regardless of what their stance is.  Since it is my contention that we need to fully evaluate all of the data, not having the facts straight is detrimental to the cause.


Getting All Hot About Global Warming

In the News – April 6, 2007

Great blog article that lists references for both sides of the global warming argument.  This is fantastic.  Everyone should read this and follow the links if you are interested in reading both sides of this complicated issue.  I will summarize the references but make sure that you click through and find the complete reference.

My only complaint about this list is that it didn’t include this blog: as I think we are extremely balanced in our study of this issue.

The Alarmists:

  1. An Inconvenient Truth
  2. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  3. US Global Change Research Program.
  4. RealClimate
  5. Friends of the Earth International.


Government must deal with greenhouse gases: US Supreme Court – April 2, 2007

This is a quick article discussing the recent US Supreme Court ruling that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. The Supreme Court has declared that the Envrionmental Protection Agency must consider greenhouse gases as pollutants and therefore must regulate its production. It is interesting to note that from a layman’s perspective it appears that Judge Stevens has just legally declared that carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming and humans are the reason.

The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency must consider greenhouse gases as pollutants, in a blow to the White House. “Because greenhouse gases fit well within the Clean Air Act’s capacious definition of ‘air pollutant’ we hold that EPA has the statutory authority to regulate the emission of such gases from new motor vehicles,” the court ruled.


Group: Global Warming Effects Hunting

CBS News – February 28, 2007

I have nothing but respect for the ancient ways of indigenous people on North America.  This article is quite moving and very inspirational.  The story of how Mr. Nattaq lost both of his feet to frostbite after a snowmobile accident should touch everyone that reads it. 

I am not surprised that the warming trend of the recent couple decades has caused a change in the ice formation of the Arctic.  I am not as easily convinced that this warming trend is the cause of mankind as this article portrays.  The article gives no scientific evidence of mankind’s interference but does detail how the warming climate has affected the Inuit.


Antarctic water world uncovered

BBC News – February 15, 2007

I am constantly amazed that we discover so much about our planet almost every day.  It appears that we really don’t understand all of the influences of water, ice, wind, snow, etc. and we are constantly learning more.  This is why there may be realism to the argument that we simply do not know if the current warming trend is man-made or caused by other combinations of influences.