Does the Earth Have a Temperature Regulator?

24 Hour News & Blogs – September 9, 2007

This is a very interesting post on this news site that compiles and discusses the observed phenomenon that historically CO2 rises after temperature rises. Real Climate goes on to describe that this rise in temperature is aggravated by the warmth absorbing properties of the increase carbon dioxide.

One would assume that this is a runaway train. Temperature rises then CO2 increases causing more temperature increase which should cause more CO2 to enter the atmosphere. But something has happened in history that we don’t seem to understand – eventually, the temperature drops and so does the CO2.


Can saltwater be burned as a fuel?

Engadget – September 11, 2007

I first saw this on Engadget but that brought me to the link on YouTube which is a captured video of a TV station that appears to be in Erie, PA.

Apparently, John Kanzius was trying to use radio frequency waves to be used to treat cancer. In the process of doing some tests, he stumbled upon the realization that saltwater can be excited by the radio waves to release its hydrogen, which can then be ignited, and used as a heat source. Further testing and some chemical analysis has shown that this isn’t a hoax.


Global warming threatens Nile Delta – August 24, 2007

The Nile River has had a long history of nourishing the people of Egypt. Many of us know stories of the Nile that date back to the building of the pyramids that also include how the Nile fed and nourished the people that lived on its banks.

In more recent times, man has tried to contain the Nile and caused it to serve our purposes. The building of the Aswan Dam gave many people knew found luxury but also caused the Nile to work differently than it had in any time in history.


Live Earth London’s Glacial Pacing

Washington Post – July 8, 2007

I tried to do the math on the big quote from this article and couldn’t make it work. John Buckley of Carbon Footprint says that it would take 100,000 trees to offset the effects of the Live Earth concert from this weekend. While I am not sure on his math, I am sure that it is a big number.

The problem with saying this is that I don’t think carbon offsets are effective. To say that you can buy your way out of pollution by planting trees is, at best, a short term consideration. The trees are barely carbon negative over their entire life and death, even though they can have a big impact in their first years of fast growing. 


Evangelicals Debate Differing Views on Global Warming

CNSNews – June 1, 2007

I am not sure why this discussion even happens.  Actually, I do know but it is frustrating. In my opinion, the subject of global warming, it’s causes and effects, should be discussed by scientists not politicians and definitely not by religious theologians (and probably not bloggers). 

But I am a blogger and obviously I am discussing it.  Why do I have the double standard? Simple – the cat is out of the bag. The discussion of global warming is a top headline almost every night.  Do a Google News search and you will get dozens (hundreds?) of articles published everyday.


Britain pulls plug on Alís big climate change show

Times Online – June 3, 2007

This article concerns the concert to increase awareness of global warming called Live Earth.  The concert series is being planned by former Vice President Al Gore with as many as 12 concerts. The shows have been receiving a fair bit of criticism for their use of energy, which in itself is indicative of the entire movement.


Thinking Blogger Award

This is a different type of post.  I will still do my regular global warming posts today but I need to take care of a little business.  Please do me the honor of reading this posting with as much attentiveness as my traditional posts.

I have been nominated for a blogging award, the “thinking blogger” award.  I am extremely honored by this award that someone out there actually feels that I make them THINK.  I am not sure that it is possible to give someone a better compliment (I take that back – Donald Trump, I will accept a million dollars if you are feeling generous).


The Global Warming Myth?

ABC News – April 20, 2007

Set your VCRs and TiVo! John Stossel, who I think is a brilliant reporter, is doing a story on global warming. I have absolutely no idea what Mr. Stossel will say although this article by him probably gives us some clues. This article goes into several myths of global warming.

Mr. Stossel’s show will be on ABC’s 20/20 on Friday May 4th. It will be titled “Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity”. Mr Stossel also has a book by the same title.

MYTH: Global warming will cause huge disruptions in climate, more storms, and the coasts will flood! America must sign the Kyoto Treaty! [broken into 4 sub-myths]


The Great Global Warming Swindler’s List

Thomas Paine’s Corner – April 8, 2007

This blog article discusses the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.  While I have not had the opportunity to watch this program, I think that the article does a fair job of critiquing the facts portrayed.  It pains me when articles and shows don’t make sure that they have data absolutely correct regardless of what their stance is.  Since it is my contention that we need to fully evaluate all of the data, not having the facts straight is detrimental to the cause.


Global Warming: The momentum has shifted to climate skeptics

Canada Free Press – March 3, 2007

This is an interesting article that is a little difficult to read in its original form. I hesitate to do this, but I feel compelled to insert the entire article here in this forum. I want to stress that I do not own the copyright to the following information – the copyright belongs to the original site and author as they have advertised on their site. I will only do this in rare situations where readability is more of an issue.

Senator Inhofe has made available his CPAC speech notes and PowerPoint presentation to the public. The science section notes below are only a sampling of the new developments since January 2007 refuting the media engineered ‘consensus’ on man-made global warming.]SENATOR JAMES INHOFE (R-Okla.)
Ranking Member Environment & Public Works Committee