World’s Dirtiest Rivers and Lakes

image Treehugger recently did a slideshow on the World’s Dirtiest Rivers and Lakes. While the slideshow doesn’t have anything to do with global warming, it should be important to all and especially the readers that stop by this site each week. If you are concerned with global warming then you should be concerned with most things where we have screwed up the environment to our own detriment.

Recently, there was a rather foolish announcement that said that said global warming kills over 300,000 per year already.  I didn’t talk much about this report here, as I thought it didn’t merit my time.  However, I do wonder how many real deaths (as opposed to Kofi’s fictitious 300K) are caused by poor drinking water. If you have ever been in a Starbucks, you have likely seen the bottles of Ethos water which donate part of the proceeds to clean drinking water to poor countries. Their site says:


Starbucks Planet Green Game

I recently took the Starbucks Planet Green Game.  I advise it for anyone that wants to understand what they can do to save energy and use our resources more efficiently.  Regardless of your stance on the issue of global warming, we can probably all agree that we need to use resources more appropriately.

It was an enjoyable fifteen minutes so please take the time.

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Arctic Tale – Solutions to Climate Change: Be a part of the conversation


Starbucks is hosting a discussion day on August 15 to discuss climate change.  I am a little skeptical that this may be nothing but an opportunity to push their new film but it could be interesting for some out there. I hope that it is a real conversation as opposed to a “convert” that has no depth of knowledge.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend any of these sessions.  My work schedule will have me pretty far from any of the sites that are hosting this conversation. If someone attends and can write some notes, I would be interested in linking to your thoughts or posting them here.


13 years to turn round global warming

Financial Times Deutschland – May 15, 2007

Interesting article on the estimated costs of reversing the human induced effects of greenhouse gases that appear to be causing global warming. I would like to see some more data, specifically:

  1. What is the range of costs that were estimated for this mammoth effort?  Does anyone ever believe these “low” cost estimates when government agencies put them out?  I remember the original cost of the “Big Dig” in Boston at about 10% of the actual expense when it was all over.  Should we be safe and multiply these numbers by 10 to get a real cost?
  2. What is the cost distribution per nations?  My guess is that it is not equally loaded across all the GDP.