Electric Car Maker Aims For the Top With Sports Car

Wall Street Journal – October 15, 2007

I think that electric cars make an immense amount of sense for the majority of Americans. Most of us do not travel more than 200 miles per day on a regular basis and most of our travel is done with one or maybe 2 people in the car. The problem is that the automotive companies have done a really bad job of selling electric cars.  They sell these vehicles like they are selling to hippies and professors so they are small, compact, and (frankly) ugly!


Analysis that doesn’t matter

This is a totally different type of article and I hope you will indulge me. I typically give my editorial thoughts on an article that is fairly easily referenced on the web but in this case I wanted to explain some basic mistakes of an article that I recently read and then propose my own calculations on the article. I finish this post with some observations. While I try very hard to show arguments on both sides of this complicated issue, by reading this post you will have some idea of my personal stance.

The article in question is on the Deltoid blog and is titled Corrections to the McKitrick (2002) Global Average Temperature Series. It may be valuable for you to click through to that article and read it first before continuing here. Take your time, I will wait.


Going, Going Green – March 6, 2007

I first read this article in the print version of the magazine Sports Illustrated (one of the few paper versions of something that I will still read).  This article takes the premise that global warming is already present, it is affecting the way that we currently play sports, and will dramatically affect the way we play sports in the future (near and far).  There is very little scientific analysis in this article – it simply assumes that global warming is real.  It also makes some fairly stark statements about how global warming is already affecting us (I am not sure that these statements are scientifically sound).  When a publication like Sports Illustrated has a front page article about global warming, you know that this is a topic that will stick around for many more months (years?).