Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, 4/3/06

ThinkProgress – April 3, 2006

Earlier, I had an article on the thoughts of Sen. John McCain on the subject of global warming and climate change.  Here are some of the thoughts of Sen. Barack Obama.  I don’t pick these two gentlemen because of their beliefs or that I will vote for one of them.  Rather, I think it is important to read about the feelings of people that are our leaders and who want a greater role.  I promise that I will write about more of these people in the coming days.

Sen. Obama appears to want greater efforts given to conservation and the discovery/use of alternative fuels. He also appears to think that we are in the midst of a global warming crisis caused by man.


Senator says ‘global warming liberals’ threaten economy

One News Now – February 26, 2007

Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican, Oklahoma is a loud critic of global warming theories.  He has been criticized by his peers and the press, however, I will not do that.  Mr. Inhofe may not be correct and he may not have the science completely on his side but he is likely not 100% wrong.  If nothing else, he is a moderating influence on some very severe proposals that don’t make sense from the environmental side.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill recently told a panel of world leaders they are ready and eager to join the fight against human-caused climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, one U.S. senator says proponents of the global warming theory have “an obsession” with shutting down the American economy.


Meet Captain Climate – John McCain

onearth – Spring 2004

I think it is important to have an understanding of the feelings of our major political candidates on the subject of global warming. I will occasionally run these articles and I hope to do so in such a way that you, the reader, will not have any idea of which candidate I am voting for. I simply want to give you some idea of how the candidates are discussing this very important topic. This first article is about John McCain – others will follow on the other candidates. It is a very flattering article about Mr. McCain and the comments below all belong to the original author and I have tried not to modify his intentions with my editorializing. As always, I am pulling comments out of the original article so go to the bottom of this post to find the original.


Gore And Global Warming: Bring Your Skepticism

The Bulletin – February 28, 2007

This is a great article.  The article discusses other potential causes of global warming than human action.  It also takes a fairly cynical look at the politics of the money involved.  If you have an open mind on global warming issues, this article is well worth your time.

Beyond the natural carbon cycle and greenhouse warming, there are some other serious causal explanations for global warming. Among the suspects are, of all things, the sun and its fellow stars.


Senators to Watch on Global Warming

Environmental Defense – January 23, 2007

This is a listing of the most influential US Senators on climate policy, according to the EDF. The big question is: Do they read this blog so that they are adequately informed on both sides of the issues? Follow the link below if you don’t know who these people are but I will only list them here.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)
Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM)
Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)
Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT)
Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Senator John Warner (R-VA)

Read about the list of Senators here.