RealClimate comment spiking

Before I beat up on RealClimate, I want to make sure that you understand that nearly every blog administrator must delete some comments. It is a sad fact that the more popular the blog, the more spammers will use the forum as a way to advertise products and services that most respectable individuals do not care to read about. If you thought your email was filled with “adult” offers, start a blog and you will be amazed at the adult traffic! Most of us use a tool such as Akismet for the heavy lifting and that filter service will occassionally catch a good comment in the mix of all of the spam.


Climatologist slams for ‘erroneously communicating the reality of the how climate system is actually behaving’ – Rebuts Myths On Sea Level, Oceans and Arctic Ice

I have talked about many times in the past. In general, the gentlemen over there are pretty smart but they do tend to be one-sided in their analysis. They consistently take the side of “global warming is caused by humans” and they don’t treat others with much respect.

I started questioning their partisanship when they lashed out at the UK judge that said that “An Inconvenient Truth” was not 100% factual. They didn’t like me calling them out on that.  They then spiked some of my comments on their site when degraded scientific discussion to a challenge of who has a bigger wallet.