Revolutionary Nanoantenna Skin to Provide Next Gen PC Cooling, Solar Cells

DailyTech – August 11, 2008

Maybe I am wrong!  Most people that know me haven’t heard me say that very often. Maybe Mr. Al Gore is correct. I don’t think anyone has ever heard me say that! But here we have a technology that may make solar cells live up to Mr. Gore’s challenge of several weeks ago.  Although, to be honest, if the technology is being discussed on paper and in prototypes now, the likelihood of it making a significant dent in 10 years is not very likely.  So maybe I am not wrong and Mr. Gore is incorrect after all!


The world’s rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan

The Independent – February 5, 2008

The plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean will not affect global warming. Since this site is dedicated to the discussion of global warming, I assume that my readers will be interested in this very disconcerting story on the massive amounts of plastic trash that is floating in the Pacific Ocean that resembles a “chunky soup” analogy. The density of the trash makes one feel like “it is everywhere.”

No Right Turn even discusses how this plastic can get into our food cycle and poison us!


Algae explored as alternative source of fuel

Phoenix Bizjournals – May 11, 2007

I don’t want anyone to think that I am advocating a company as a stock investment. In full disclosure, I have no interest or relationship to the company described in this article. I do wish them well and I am excited about the prospects of their endeavor. I talk to companies every day as part of my professional life and typically urge them to focus on one success at time – this company does not appear to be following that advice.

This article is about a company that operates a dairy farm and a bio-refinery.  Their goal is to be completely self-contained, producing their own energy. I hope that they are successful since I firmly believe that we need to find alternative sources of energy to break the addiction to foreign sources of liquid and gaseous fuel.