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Friends of Science

There is no date on this site so I can’t reference when this was written.  This is great little article in Question / Answer format (or in this case Myth / Fact).  I have heard many of these statements before but it is good to read them on one site for evaluation.  The Friends of Science site is fairly critical of the concept of global warming and in some cases I think their answers and articles could be slightly more balanced.  Definitely an article worth spending some time on.

I have included all of the Myth statements below but have intentionally edited for brevity the Fact statement.  Click through to get the whole article.

Congressional Testimony on Climate Change by Al Gore

House Science and Technology Committee – March 21, 2007

I will not make comments on this testimony.  Former Vice President Al Gore deserves more respect than to have me make comments on his opinions and testimony.

Testimony of the Honorable Al Gore
before the
U. S. House of Representatives
Energy & Commerce Committee
Subcommittee on Energy & Air Quality
and the
Science & Technology Committee
Subcommittee on Energy & Environment

March 21,2007

Chairman Dingell, Chairman Gordon, Congressman Barton, Congressman Hall, and members of the Subcommittees. I want to thank you for the gracious invitation to be with you today, giving me an opportunity to return to the House to talk about the climate crisis.

Sweeping changes to global climate seen by 2100: study – March 26, 2007

This study analyzes what the world would be like if global warming continues unabated until 2100 using the scenarios described in the recent IPCC report.  It doesn’t do an analysis on the probability of this happening or the possible effects of massive ice melting and the consequential raising of ocean waters.  Instead, the study details the effects of changes in local temperature to various parts of the world.

Many of the world’s climate zones will vanish entirely by 2100, or be replaced by new, previously unseen ones, if global warming continues as expected, a study released Monday said.

Earth – melting in the heat?

BBC News – October 7, 2005

This article details some of the observed effects of global warming as well as some of the effects for the future.  It is quite light on scientific detail – just a discussion on the empirical observations that bring one to conclude that global warming is real.

Indigenous Arctic peoples will find their food stocks gone, while fresh water supplies in Asia and south America will disappear as the glaciers which provide them melt away; penguins, polar bears and seals will find their habitats gone, their traditional lives unliveable.

There is so much ice here [Antarctic] that if it all melted, sea levels globally would rise hugely – perhaps as much as 80m. Say goodbye to London, New York, Sydney, Bangkok, Rio… in fact, the majority of the world’s major cities.

Appalachian Mountains, Carbon Dioxide Caused Long-ago Global Cooling

Science Daily – October 26, 2006

This study by Ohio State University offers some interesting opinions that CO2 levels affect the climate of the world.  The study theorizes that the rise of the Appalachian mountains in eastern US and their subsequent weathering pulled CO2 out of the atmosphere and cause an ice house effect.

Scientists have suspected that our current ice age, which began 40 million years ago, was caused by the rise of the Himalayas. This new study links a much earlier major ice age –one that occurred during the Ordovician period — to the uplift of the early Appalachians.

HISTORY!! (Getting Back To What It Sort Of Used To Be)

Climate Science – February 8, 2007

This a very powerful article/blog entry and should be a must read for anyone that still has an open mind to global warming. It was written by Dr. Reid Bryson.

Dr.Bryson’s claim is that we are not in a human made global warming trend. If the globe is getting warmer, he argues it is because this is part of regular cycle of warming and that we are emerging from a cold trend in the climate. He references some historical examples to make his point and the statements are quite thought provoking. He theorizes that this change in climate is due to Milankovitch variations in solar radiation. If his observations are correct then we are emerging from an ice age and have just reached a common minimum for temperature. The model he shows suggests that we will have another .3 deg C increase in the next hundred years or so before we arrive at the historical peaks of the last 2500 years.

Hockey Stick again – Welkom bij Natuurwetenschap & Techniek – February 2005

This is a fairly long article by Marcel Crok that has been translated into english. It is full of statistical analysis. It declares that much of the underlining assumptions for the rapid increase in global temperatures is quite flawed from a statistical standpoint. A few points:

They carefully studied the script and found something very unusual. McIntyre:In a conventional PC calculation in a high-level language, the mean of each series is subtracted from each column prior to the rest of the algorithm. Instead of doing this, Manns Fortran program had only subtracted the 1902-1980 mean from each column. This is a highly unusual procedure and had not been mentioned in the Nature article.