Will Global Warming Trigger Next Ice Age?

This article discusses a series of events that have already started that could cause the next ice age. This series of events is the same as the one that theories say caused the last ice age. It is an interesting series of events that seems just as likely as the world getting dramatically warmer. In fact, since many of the mechanisms are already in place, this likelihood seems even stronger.

I usually put the title of the article that I am referencing in the title of my post but in this case the title resides in a technical journal and it is so boring that I elected to write my own.  For the purposes of this discussion, I am referencing “Climate Control Requires a Dam at the Strait of Gibraltar” which was published by the American Geophysical Union on July 8, 1997 by the now Professor Emeritus Dr. R. G. Johnson.


Is global warming solar induced?

Bad Astronomy – April 29, 2007

A very well written blog article discussing some the information on global warming and the possibility of it being caused by the sun.  I do not know enough about the chemistry of other planetary bodies to ascertain if the author’s comments are correct but he does an excellent job of walking through other planets and moons and discussing their apparent changes in temperature.  I strongly suggest my readers to click through and read the article.

There is some news making the rounds that Earth is not the only planet experiencing global warming. Mars, for example, possibly appears to be getting a bit warmer, as are Jupiter, Neptune’s moon Triton, and even Pluto.


What triggers ice ages?

RealClimate – February 16, 2007

This is a moderately technical blog entry discussing an article in Climatic Change.  It is not too in depth though and the average interested reader should be able to understand it.  The premise of the article is a hypothesis that there needs to be more than just changes in the Earth’s orbit to trigger the entry into or out of an ice age.

Martinson & Pitman III’s hypothesis states that the fresh water input works in concert with the Milankovitch cycle and the albedo feedback. They conclude that ‘major’ terminations can only follow from glacial build-up of sufficient magnitude to isolate the Arctic, inhibiting the inflow of fresh water to the point that salinity buildup in the surface layer from slow but continuous growth of sea-ice, causes overturn of the Arctic (through the effect on the atmospheric circulation and the ocean currents). The vertical overturning brings warmer water up from below, setting conditions that are more favorable for ice melting.


HISTORY!! (Getting Back To What It Sort Of Used To Be)

Climate Science – February 8, 2007

This a very powerful article/blog entry and should be a must read for anyone that still has an open mind to global warming. It was written by Dr. Reid Bryson.

Dr.Bryson’s claim is that we are not in a human made global warming trend. If the globe is getting warmer, he argues it is because this is part of regular cycle of warming and that we are emerging from a cold trend in the climate. He references some historical examples to make his point and the statements are quite thought provoking. He theorizes that this change in climate is due to Milankovitch variations in solar radiation. If his observations are correct then we are emerging from an ice age and have just reached a common minimum for temperature. The model he shows suggests that we will have another .3 deg C increase in the next hundred years or so before we arrive at the historical peaks of the last 2500 years.