Will Global Warming Trigger Next Ice Age?

This article discusses a series of events that have already started that could cause the next ice age. This series of events is the same as the one that theories say caused the last ice age. It is an interesting series of events that seems just as likely as the world getting dramatically warmer. In fact, since many of the mechanisms are already in place, this likelihood seems even stronger.

I usually put the title of the article that I am referencing in the title of my post but in this case the title resides in a technical journal and it is so boring that I elected to write my own.  For the purposes of this discussion, I am referencing “Climate Control Requires a Dam at the Strait of Gibraltar” which was published by the American Geophysical Union on July 8, 1997 by the now Professor Emeritus Dr. R. G. Johnson.


Global warming threatens Nile Delta – August 24, 2007

The Nile River has had a long history of nourishing the people of Egypt. Many of us know stories of the Nile that date back to the building of the pyramids that also include how the Nile fed and nourished the people that lived on its banks.

In more recent times, man has tried to contain the Nile and caused it to serve our purposes. The building of the Aswan Dam gave many people knew found luxury but also caused the Nile to work differently than it had in any time in history.