Companies try to make going green easier

Denver Business Journal – December 7, 2007

I haven’t made any secret of my distrust of the carbon credits (or carbon trading) programs that are on the market. I have written about them often and have pointed out multiple times where they are more scam than good. While I am certain that there are some programs that have good intentions, the devil is usually in the details and the details are usually not very good.

I can’t tell if the two programs in this article are good or bad.  They don’t give enough details in the article but I am suspicious.  While the companies that ShipGreen and AllState are donating to appear to be above board, they simply are not sharing enough information to tell if the money is doing any good.  I am reminded that BusinessWeek did an article on this type of effort only to find that little of the offset money did any good.


Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time

Washington Post – October 19, 2007

This is the first time in the US that a power plant was rejected due to concerns regarding its output of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. I don’t understand all of the laws in this area but I suspect that this decision would not have been possible had the Supreme Court not ruled that CO2 was a pollutant.

I am not going to make a lot of comments on this article except to ask two questions that are not adequately answered in this article:


Extreme Weather: Once Every… Well, Every Day Lately

The Huffington Post – May 10, 2007

This posting from Laurie David discusses the weather that certain parts of the US has seen lately and points out that it is extreme. Ms. David is careful not to say that these extremes are caused by global warming although she does criticize the President Bush went to Kansas to visit the damage by recent tornadoes there while not implementing weather changing laws.

Ms. David is a very powerful political force in the conversation regarding global warming but not necessarily a scientific force.  I would be very interested if she would do an analysis to see if these droughts, storms, and warmest days are unusual or if the press is just talking about it more. 


Feeling Warmth, Subtropical Plants Move North

The New York Times – May 2, 2007

So if the globe is getting warmer, it stands to reason that the most susceptible species of plants and animals would be the first to respond.  This is exactly what this article is observing. Plants that once only thrived in warmer climates are now very comfortable in the colder latitudes.  Also plants that did well in a certain area are now struggling due to too much heat. 

While this article gives little scientific evidence – primarily observation.  It is a very interesting article and worth reading.


Global Warming: The momentum has shifted to climate skeptics

Canada Free Press – March 3, 2007

This is an interesting article that is a little difficult to read in its original form. I hesitate to do this, but I feel compelled to insert the entire article here in this forum. I want to stress that I do not own the copyright to the following information – the copyright belongs to the original site and author as they have advertised on their site. I will only do this in rare situations where readability is more of an issue.

Senator Inhofe has made available his CPAC speech notes and PowerPoint presentation to the public. The science section notes below are only a sampling of the new developments since January 2007 refuting the media engineered ‘consensus’ on man-made global warming.]SENATOR JAMES INHOFE (R-Okla.)
Ranking Member Environment & Public Works Committee