Global Warming’s Fever


By Tom Phelps

“The earth has a fever.” This was a statement from Nobel Prize winning documentarian, Al Gore.

Increasingly the view of mankind by mankind is that of intruder. In many ways it would seem that we are the earth’s enemy and our very existence is depleting the earth of resources that could keep an environmental balance.

Global warming is the belief that the temperature of the air nearest to earth is consistently rising. Droughts are blamed on global warming and new products are constantly being developed to help lessen human impact on perceived climate change.

Electric or hybrid cars are thought to provide the best example of how we can reduce carbon emissions that are said to be harming the earth.


One more Sunday comic on Global Warming – July 1, 2007

C’mon – laugh a little bit.  This one actually appeared today by Scott Adams. It is always good to laugh at serious things like global warming – otherwise we will just go crazy.

I particularly like this one since it does something that is so prevalent – blame global warming for EVERYTHING (see here and here).

Click the image to go to the website that has a full size version.

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Global Warming Blamed for Cooties in Japan and Hornets in France

NewsBusters – February 21, 2007

Another article to file in the Ridiculous category.  At least the blog referenced here makes fun of this as well.  The blog article describes that some people in Japan and France believe that an increase in head lice (Japan) and hornets (France) is the work of global climate change.  As has been described elsewhere on this blog ( the proposed warming by CO2 is the equivalent of moving 50 miles closer to the equator.  So call your co-worker that lives on the south side of town and ask him how bad the hornets and head lice are so that you can prepare adequately for the future.


Fever claim on global warming

Herald Sun – February 22, 2007

I have a problem with this one. This article claims that global warming causes fevers in children! While I am sure that when it is warmer outside, children are more likely to overheat but remember that most experts say that the earth has only increased 0.6 deg C in the last century. It varies more than that during the course of an hour in the US midwest where I live! I really try to have an open mind on global warming because the science is really not well researched yet BUT GIVE ME A BREAK!

I find this to be a perfect case of 2 unrelated findings being related together because it makes good press or someone has a hidden agenda.


Warming to spread disease, hunger in South Asia: WHO

Reuters – February 15, 2007

This is a very disturbing article about what happens if the global warming threat occurs. Massive disease outbreak and many deaths.

But the WHO’s environmental health adviser for South Asia, Alex
Hildebrand, said little attention had been paid to the impact rising
temperatures would have on the health of the region’s 1.4 billion

“Diseases like malaria, Japanese encephalitis, tick-borne diseases
and dengue fever will definitely thrive in warmer climates,” he said.

South Asia gets around 20 million cases of malaria every year.

Greater frequency of droughts and heatwaves will not only adversely
affect crops but will also punish those who live with a scarcity of
water and push up rates of respiratory illness.