Moving Beyond Kyoto By AL GORE

The New York Times – July 1, 2007

The US former Vice President, Mr. Al Gore, wrote an op-ed piece this weekend in timing with Live Earth.  Live Earth is the concert that will take place on 7 continents to create awareness of climate change. While Live Earth has had its share of criticisms, the concert does promise to be quite enjoyable for the fans of its musicians.

There is no real news in this op-ed.  Mr. Gore has been repeating this same message repeatedly for quite some time. It is an interesting read almost in what it does not say – it doesn’t foretell of the world ending.  There is no ominous warning in these words.  I find that interesting since Mr. Gore probably now has the biggest podium he has had since losing the US presidential race.  Why does he not talk of a mammoth rise in the ocean levels, famine across the world, and the elimination of many species.  Surely, he still thinks these are going to happen.


Warming Called a National Security Issue

Sci-Tech Today – April 30, 2007

This is an excellent viewpoint on why we need to understand what is happening to our climate. The author says that we need to understand the ramifications of massive climate changes because, if they are dramatic enough, we will surely have more human suffering and more regional hostility as nation-states aggressively try to protect or acquire resources. Their is little disputing the fact that the Earth is a little warmer today than 100 years ago and, based on this trend, it will likely increase some more (although some scientists say that a cooling period is imminent). Any change that would impact a country’s ability to feed, clothe, and protect its citizens is worth discussing.