Today is Earth Day – send an eCard!

Today is Earth Day.  Regardless of your feelings about the cause or realism of global warming, you probably would not be reading this site if you didn’t have some level of concern for the health of the planet.

Earth Day is not about global warming but rather a general understanding that we need to take care of our planet as best that we can.  It’s resources are, by definition, limited. At least as of this writing, it is the best place in the universe that we know of that can support human life – in fact it is the only place.

I would like to quote Stephen Leahy on an Earth Day Wish:

Take time to be outside today.


Celebrating Earth Day: Fight Global Warming ‘The PC Way’ With Al Gore

The National Ledger – April 29, 2007

Its the weekend as I write this.  We all need a laugh every once in awhile – even at a serious site like this.  This is a satire column with a top ten list that supposedly is written by an Al Gore affiliated organization (it’s not of course – that is the satire part).  I am only including a little of most of the comments on each of the items. Make sure you click through and read the rest – editorializing humor sometimes ruins it.