Junk Science: Canít See the Warming for the Trees – April 12, 2007

When I first read this article, I started laughing. Even now, as I write this post, I am really trying to hold back on my sarcasm in my comments. JunkScience is a blog type site that has developed a huge following.  The articles tend to be fairly well written and many of them are also published on  This article is very interesting in that it discusses a computer model that suggests forests north of 20 degrees lattitude in the Northern Hemisphere CAUSES climate change to the tune of 10 degrees F by the year 2100.  I guess I am confused – now climate change is caused by trees?


Backreaction: Global Warming

Backreaction – April 8, 2007
Great blog article that everyone should read.† I won’t spend a lot of effort paraphrasing what the authors wrote.† I suggest that you just click through and read the article.

The present global warming debate is in my eyes very ironic. Initially, I was happy to see how fast the environmental consciousness has increased in the last some years, not only in the USA. See, all these points you find on the list like: cover your pots while cooking, take a shower instead of a bath, reuse your shopping bag, recycle your waste – this is what we were taught in Kindergarten1. When I moved to the USA I was shocked, honestly, to see how little people cared about their environment. Okay, Tuscon AZ might have been an extreme case. But folks, when you go shopping then shut off the engine of your car. And yes, better insulation in housing would significantly reduce AC and heating cost, paper can be recycled, etc, etc. Now what’s new about these insights?


Global warming splits conservatives

Gristmill – March 5, 2007

This is a political commentary on conservatives and conservation.  The author makes the correlation that conservatism is the same as preventing global warming.  The author also claims that conservatives that do not support the current theories of climate change are in violation of many of their basic principles.  This is probably not true.  Most conservatives are, by nature, cautious about change that is not proven and therefore their behavior could be perfectly logical. 

…but the best-known conservatives continue to doubt the science of global warming, attack those who would act to reduce emissions, and deride those concerned by the threat to the planet.