The following is from the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen that was held the last few days.

As global business leaders assembled at the World Business Summit on Climate Change, we call upon our political leaders to agree an ambitious and effective global climate treaty at COP15 in Copenhagen. Sustainable economic progress requires stabilizing and then reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Success at COP15 will remove uncertainty, unleash additional investment, and bolster current efforts to revive growth in a sustainable way.

By addressing the magnitude of the climate threat with urgency, a powerful global climate change treaty would help establish a firm foundation for a sustainable economic future. This would set a more predictable framework for companies to plan and invest, provide a stimulus for renewed prosperity and a more secure climate system. Economic recovery and urgent action to tackle climate change are complementary boosting the economy and jobs through investment in the new infrastructure needed to reduce emissions.


Follow up to Pelosi’s Energy Stonewall

I don’t have all of the details but it seems that some representatives are trying to force a vote on the US energy policy.  Earlier today I wrote about the delay tactics used by Speaker of the House Pelosi, now it seems that Minority Leader John Boehner has brought some representatives back into the chamber to try to force a vote (or at least get more attention to their cause).  Maybe we should have Mr. Boehner and Ms. Pelosi switch jobs.

I first picked this up on Power Line: “House Republicans Refuse To Go Home” and I hope that they don’t mind if I reproduce the majority of their post because it is quite interesting in the lack of ability to get the job done that resides in our elected representatives.


Gore Delivers Remarks on Energy and the Climate

Washington Post – July 17, 2008

Mr. Al Gore recently gave a speech in Washington DC regarding energy.  While many in the blogosphere will call Mr. Gore “Pope Gore” and refer to environmentalists as a religion, in this case, I don’t think that Mr. Gore makes many of the outlandish comments which I have chastised him about. Most of his comments are regarding energy independence, the status of the technology of alternative fuels, and the balance of power.

He does make a few global warming references which are a little hard to defend. He implies that the fires in California are caused by manmade global warming – this is probably not true since California has been enjoying an unusually wet climate for several decades and it appears that this current drought is simply going back to status quo.


Polar bear watchers race against global warming

USAToday – November 2, 2007

Evidently, in this area of Canada, they have done a reasonably good job of counting bears and they cite several statistics that show that bears are declining in numbers. Other studies have shown that there is no significant bear decline so I wanted you to read this story as well.

This story is actually part of the USAToday’s travel section and describes an unusual destination trip in Canada where tourists are allowed to drive out and see polar bears in the wild. I hope that the reason for the decline in bears here is not because of other human interference that the story discusses such as:

  • tourists trips
  • bear watches


Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, 4/3/06

ThinkProgress – April 3, 2006

Earlier, I had an article on the thoughts of Sen. John McCain on the subject of global warming and climate change.  Here are some of the thoughts of Sen. Barack Obama.  I don’t pick these two gentlemen because of their beliefs or that I will vote for one of them.  Rather, I think it is important to read about the feelings of people that are our leaders and who want a greater role.  I promise that I will write about more of these people in the coming days.

Sen. Obama appears to want greater efforts given to conservation and the discovery/use of alternative fuels. He also appears to think that we are in the midst of a global warming crisis caused by man.


The Beginning of the End for Life as We Know it on Planet Earth?

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – May 4, 2007

This is a very disturbing and controversial viewpoint that reminds me of a book by Tom Clancy from several years ago where extremists schemed to demolish the population of the planet to make it better for wildlife.  I have decided to include this article only because I believe that extremism (in either direction) on this issue of humans effecting the world is typically bad.  A centrist viewpoint almost always makes sense and by pointing out the radicals, rational people can disassociate themselves from the stance.


Delta carbon offset program to take flight

Atlanta Business Chronicle – April 18, 2007

When I fly on business or personal I am most likely to take Delta, so this article is particularly interesting to me.  I am not sure if other airlines are doing similar measures (the article implies they are the first). I think it is interesting for a company that is still in bankruptcy to undertake this. The obvious question comes to mind – does this help?  Does 47,000 new trees – do they help?  Or is this the clever work of a great PR department?

Delta Air Lines Inc. has joined with environmental organization The Conservation Fund to become the first U.S. airline to let customers buy carbon offsets to counteract emissions from air travel.


Meet Captain Climate – John McCain

onearth – Spring 2004

I think it is important to have an understanding of the feelings of our major political candidates on the subject of global warming. I will occasionally run these articles and I hope to do so in such a way that you, the reader, will not have any idea of which candidate I am voting for. I simply want to give you some idea of how the candidates are discussing this very important topic. This first article is about John McCain – others will follow on the other candidates. It is a very flattering article about Mr. McCain and the comments below all belong to the original author and I have tried not to modify his intentions with my editorializing. As always, I am pulling comments out of the original article so go to the bottom of this post to find the original.


Impact of global warming looms on the horizon

Fairbanks Daily News Miner – April 22, 2007

Very interesting article written by an atmospheric scientist that is calling for greater effort and emphasis on climate modeling.  He states that there is not enough evidence to come to a conclusion on climate change.  As my long time readers know, this is essentially my opinion as well.

In the 1970s as a young scientist at the Geophysical Institute I wrote passionate letters complaining that for the first time in the geologic era man was changing the atmosphere of the planet. I argued that continued dumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would be associated with a warming of the entire Earth and pled for attention to this matter. The letters were ignored.


Role of global warming in extinction may be overestimated – March 1, 2007

This is a wonderful article.  It calls for better science.  It says that better modeling is needed to understand extinction.  This is even more complicated when layered onto global warming since now we have theories layered onto theories.

Extinction is a hotly debated, but poorly understood topic in science. The same goes for climate change. When you bring the two together to forecast the impact of global change on biodiversity, chaos reigns.

A new paper published in Bioscience sides with the latter contention, noting that “surprisingly few species became extinct during the past 2.5 million years” despite a series of ice ages.