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My Nobel Moment

Wall Street Journal – November 1, 2007

This is a very interesting commentary from John Christy, a member of the IPCC and, thus, a partial receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize. In short, it appears that Mr. Christy doesn’t think that he deserves his .001% of the prize.

I was pointed to this commentary by two regular readers (thank you to Scott and to Ron – check out their sites by clicking on their names).

The Global Warming Learning Curve

Time – October 17, 2007

I am not sure what inference can be drawn from this study but I do find it interesting. The study analyzes the search patterns of words on the Internet that relate to the topic of global warming. Without a doubt, this activity has fallen in the past few months but as with all trends, the causality is still in question.

Gore and U.N. Panel Win Peace Prize for Climate Work

The New York Times – October 12, 2007

Everyone has probably heard by now that former Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming issues. I congratulate Mr. Gore on this achievement as few people have accomplished so great an honor. I do find it ironic that he should receive this award so soon after a UK court found 11 "un-truths" in Mr. Gore’s film "An Inconvenient Truth".

Former Vice President Al Gore, … was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, sharing it with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations network of scientists.

Consensus discussion – Liars or Statistics?

There is an old saying that statistics don’t lie but liars use statistics.

While I am not going to call anyone a liar, I will point out that the belief of the individual analyzing raw data can affect the outcome of the data. This is one of the reasons why one should always be skeptical.

This posting will not be about any given article but rather will cover several articles that have recently been getting a lot of discussion among skeptics and non-skeptics on the theory of global warming and its causes. I admit that I am somewhat of a “junkie” when it comes to climate news so you may not have been affected by all of the news so here is the high-level:

A Global Warming Primer

If you haven’t read the Global Warming Primer yet, you should.  It is an excellent, high-level discussion regarding global warming and many of its pertinent issues. You won’t be over-inundated with a lot of technical jargon.

There is also a blog associated with the Primer, and after you read my posts every day, you may want to read those posts.

It?s natural for non-scientists to become overwhelmed by the shouting and contradictions. It?s easy to bury your head in the sand with thoughts of, ?I like warm weather anyway?.

Controversy does exist; this is natural for such a complex science. Science evolves; it is, and should be, open to debate. The debate in climatology is leading to a consensus that tells a tale of a world already experiencing the first signals of global warming.

VIEW: Live earth, deaf to reality

Pakistan Daily Times – July 4, 2007

This is not a news story. Rather it is an op-ed that discusses the various trade-offs that must be made if we are to adopt radical changes for the sake of global warming control.  I have made similar comments before (read article here) and I differ from Mr. Lomborg in that I feel that if the case for global warming can be scientifically made, we should invest in solutions. If the definitive case for human induced climate change cannot be made though, it is far better to save lives in some other way.

Local scientist calls global warming theory ‘hooey’

The Capital Times – June 18, 2007

You don’t see too many articles that include the word “hooey” in the title! This is a pretty strong statement and I would be inclined to not discuss it except that this guy is a superstar in the field of weather study. Dr. Bryson is known as the father of climatology, so whatever he says on the subject of global warming needs to be understood.

The article is basically broken up into two parts.  The first part is a fairly candid conversation with Dr. Bryson and the second part is more background information on the current status of the trends in climatology with a quote or two that says that Dr. Bryson is wrong.  I welcome this approach since it tends to balance the viewpoint although I fear that it does diminish the importance of the thinking of Dr. Bryson.

Global warming may save the snows of Kilimanjaro

This is a very interesting blog entry. I haven’t been able to find further evidence of the claim aside from the CNN story that the blog references. Rather than quoting the CNN story though, I thought it was more interesting to read the thoughts of the author of the blog especially since the title of the blog is “Classically Liberal” but the stance is not typical of a liberal in the US political scene.

The author begins by describing multiple references to snow disappearing on Kilimanjaro but then proceeds to ridicule these references by citing the CNN story. For the purposes of this entry, I will focus on the new claims and leave it to you to click through to the entire treatment.

They call this a consensus?

Financial Post – June 2, 2007

What an interesting article. The author begins by saying that his original intent when starting a series of articles was to write about the dissenters of global warming. His belief was that most scientists believed that global warming induced by human activity was occurring and he wanted to give a voice to those few dissenters that remained.  He was sure that they weren’t the kooks that everyone was calling him. He appears to have run into a problem – there are a lot of dissenters in the scientific community!  Of course, if you listen to statements by former Vice President Al Gore and the IPCC you wouldn’t arrive at that opinion.

Scientists Rally Around NASA Chief After Global Warming Comments

E-Wire – June 1, 2007

I was originally sent this as a press release.  Since I currently don’t make a habit of putting press releases on my site, I will reference the release on another site and, as typical, give what I think are the highlights. I would be interested in hearing from you on your thoughts of me including press releases in their totality.  I would tag them as a separate category. Either leave a comment here or drop me a note at soshaughnessey AT Yahoo DOT com.

This is a fairly big event in the scientific community. It is fairly common to find statements from scientific skeptics saying that there are more skeptics out there but they are afraid of upsetting the establishment.  The establishment they most frequently mention is the government.