Schwarzenegger slams Bush administration on global warming – calls Bush efforts bogus

Crooks and Liars – July 13, 2008

This story is all over the web right now but the best coverage that I found was on Crooks and Liars as they include the video as well as a transcript of the interview. Other versions of the story only include a snippet of the actual interview (a lot like what I have done).


STEPHANOPOULOS: How much of that is due, do you think, to global warming, to climate change?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, itís very hard to say. I mean, one thing we know for sure, and that is we have had a drought for two years in a row now.  … And I think that we just have to be aware of those changes. Iím sure, partially, that it has something to do with global warming, also, because we have just now broken a record.


Schwarzenegger urges U.N. to move on climate change

Reuters – September 24, 2007

There have been quite a few speeches to the United Nations this week. Must be their week to do some work.

Among others, Governor Schwarzenegger of California spoke on the topic of global warming. The "Terminator" appears to be trying to be a "Mediator" in that he wants countries to stop bickering and start working together.

I think this is a great idea but isn’t that what politicians do? Bicker?

Rich and poor nations must get over their disagreements about how to fight climate change and forge a new pact to replace the Kyoto Protocol, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will say on Monday.


Greenhouse Simplicities

Newsweek – August 20 issue

You probably saw the very ominous issue of Newsweek that stirred up quite a bit of controversy regarding global warming deniers and claimed there was a denial machine. Some have said that I am part of the denial machine because I call for more studies and more scientific research to prove what is happening. I don’t think that I am part of that machine, but I understand why others put me in that camp.

In the latest issue, there is an op-ed piece by Robert Samuelson that accuses Newsweek of going too far.  Frankly, I agree with him. While there is certainly a lot of evidence that the earth may be slightly increasing in warmth – the evidence is hardly conclusive and the evidence of massive problems in the future is very tenuous.


Uniting to fight warming U.N. chief enlists governor’s help in stemming climate change

San Francisco Chronicle – July 28, 2007

Some say that UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon is trying to create a new world order and drag down the US economic dominance by actively talking about global warming and its impact on the world. I don’t think that he is that nefarious and simply think that he is discussing a very important issue. He should keep this up! While he is at it, I do wish he would discuss other important issues that should be on the mind of every citizen of the world (see my posts here: Africa: Live Earth Vs. Africa and VIEW: Live earth, deaf to reality).


Administration pushes market-based plan for global warming

San Jose Mercury News – June 1, 2007

This is a difficult situation. I really don’t want to condemn having a carbon trading program but the reality is that what we have today is not well done. If we are going to trade emissions, it needs to be extremely verifiable, under penalty of law with huge financial loss, and that the trades actually reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.

I suggest that these programs be held to the same standard that the SEC runs. In fact, I see nothing wrong with the charter of the SEC being expanded to govern this type of effort. The trading of emissions should be held on the books of public companies and it would need to be proven that the trading partner really had something to trade. If, after audit by a 3rd party, it was found that the value of the trade was less than the company accounted for then they would have to pay a penalty.


Building a ‘new energy’ work force: Industry, education leaders partner for training as need for skilled workers may rise

TMC Net – February 24, 2007

This is an article that discusses one of the benefits of the efforts to stop human causes of global warming. If we find that humans cause global warming (as some believe to be true), an entire new set of industries will be born. This article calls this the “new energy work force.”

While I am all in favor of new jobs being created and I am definitely in favor of developing alternative ways to produce and control energy, I often wonder if this is a symptom of the true reason for this conversation. Many people hold that global agreements such as Kyoto are simply ways to divert wealth to less fortunate parts of the world. They also hold that many industry leaders are pushing the global warming agenda just to sell themselves and their companies. Politicians are also lumped into this bucket at times (Al Gore being the one that most would recognize).