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Hundreds attend global warming protest – funny image

A little lightheated fun to start your weekend!  You should be able to see the full size image by right clicking below and selecting to view the image.

Ice sculpture of Al Gore

I had to laugh at this!

A businessman in Alaska has commissioned an ice sculpture of Al Gore, the former Vice President and “leader” of the global warming prognosticators. I am going to copy the photos here just to reduce the load on the web server of the newspaper (the response time is pretty slow as this story flies around the Internet) but please click through and read about Craig Compeau and why he is doing this.

If you click on these images, you will be taken to the full-size image on their server.

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Dilbert: Director of Green

When the EPA was a joke, “Ghostbusters” made fun of it in the movie.  Now we have Dilbert.  Click the image to go to the Dilbert site to see the full size cartoon:

Carbon offset = cheat offset?

I have often complained that carbon offset credits just don’t make sense.  I don’t think that they will do anything to create better behavior and think it is simply a shell game that will only end up lining someone’s pockets.

But I appear to be in the minority in this view.  So I ask those that disagree with me isn’t what is good for the goose good for the gander as well?  I just found this website:


What is Cheat Offsetting?

When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere.

Cheatneutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Gore "borrowed" fake scenes for An Inconvenient Truth

There is a lot of controversy over this.  I really don’t know the right answer.  Is it okay for a film maker to have scenes in a documentary that are not what the narrator is discussing? My gut says that this happens all of the time.  Also, there was no question in my mind when I saw AIT that this portion of the film was CGI.

Of course, I didn’t know that it came from the movie “Day After Tomorrow” at the time but then I didn’t watch the credits and I am sure that he mentions them in the credits.  I have long lost my copy of the movie so I can’t check that fact.  If someone still has their copy of the DVD, please skip through to the end and check to see if the proper credit is given. You can leave a comment below to let us all know the truth.

Polar Bear Cartoons

Cartoons tend to be some of my most popular posts.  I guess everyone likes to laugh!

Here are some cartoons that I found.  They are displayed small so that you will click through to the original site to see the full display.






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The bully children have taken over at!

Typically, is filled with very useful (and sometimes difficult to grasp) scientific discussion. I have frequently commented about their site and usually I am complimentary (although they have slammed this site a few times).

Unfortunately, their latest article is reprehensible or at least foolish. I commented on their site but I don’t expect that my criticisms will survive their moderation. If they do publish it, I am sure their many supporters will condemn me. I am reproducing the bulk of my opinions here for you to decide.

I can’t resist showing this Dilbert cartoon

I think that Dilbert cartoons are incredibly funny most of the time. Maybe it is because I have spent much of my life in corporate America and therefore I can relate to many of the story lines.

This episode is on-target with this site. Enjoy. Laugh. Go read other Dilbert cartoons. Have a good weekend.

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Anti-Gore ad controversy

I wasn’t aware of this little bit of controversy until I saw a discussion on it over at Michelle Malkin’s site. Evidently, a video that discusses the need for cheap energy has been pulled from YouTube due to copyright violation.

Some are claiming that this is an effort to suppress the conversation on global warming. I don’t agree. Here are my thoughts on the video but first watch the message that is embedded and then read some of the comments on Michelle’s site. (Follow the feed link to read the rest of the story).

My thoughts (I am not a lawyer, so I am not making legal claims here – just common sense):


I know that this tradition is a little strange to my readers in other countries and other cultures. The US has a tradition of playing practical jokes on the first day of April and accompanying the prank with the declaration of yelling out “April Fools”. It seems only fitting on this day of humor to post a few global warming cartoons.

Please enjoy and please laugh a little today. Life is short and it is shorter if we don’t laugh. The cartoons below are small images of the actual cartoons – click through to the original site to see the cartoon at full size.