A Green plan that we can all probably support

Most people that read this site know that I get frustrated by the many absurd statements that both sides make regarding the subject of global warming. I am regularly frustrated by the claims and accusations that occur. I would really like to throw this entire conversation back to the scientists and tell them to not make any statements, claims, or predictions until they have good hard science to back it up. I also want them to compare those claims of damage with claims of damage from all other bad things and offset the good things of the status quo.

That said, I think we can all get behind this GREEN claim. I picked this up over at Politically Incorrect HumorJump over there to see more.


Positive proof of global warming

I guess the science is settled!

I found this image at the hilarious site Politically Incorrect Humor.


Bill Nye calls deniers ‘unpatriotic’

Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ was on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show this past Wednesday, discussing the latest round of snowstorms and if climate change is responsible. Nye told Maddow that the people who are saying that the snowstorms around Washington D.C. disproves climate change are almost ‘unpatriotic’.

Nye also said that he felt from his experience that global warming denial could be attributed to generational factors, like his personal observations that older people have a much harder time grasping how billions of people could affect the thin atmosphere. He felt that younger generations are more accepting of this possibility.


Is this Dilbert on ClimateGate?

Is Scott Adams’ Dilbert making fun of the current ClimateGate controversy?

In ClimateGate, really smart researchers on the climate took a bunch of data and made some conclusions. They didn’t think their pointy-haired constituents that paid their salaries deserved to have all of the data – instead they gave us a thimble of the data. Of course, in their case they didn’t tell us to wear the thimble like a hat – they just said that we should trust them since they are scientists and know what is good for us. In fact that big pile of paper that Dilbert is carrying doesn’t exist from Paul Jones and his friends – they threw the pile of paper away and just left the thimble!


Jon Stewart Talks Climategate

I cannot believe that I am showing Jon Stewart on this site! You know it is bad when Jon decides to jump on the bandwagon by making fun of the “tricks” and “lost data” revealed in the CRU emalls that were recently “released” from East Anglia.

Jon Stewart Talks Climategate


April Fool’s Day

I know I have been a bit lax on posting about global warming lately.  Frankly, the global economic crisis has been dominating my free time lately.

However, I couldn’t forget that I spend most April Fools Day’s trying to laugh and have a good time.  Here are some cartoons on global warming that hopefully will make you smile.


Alternative Energy Revolution

I saw this humorous cartoon on Web Funny and thought you would enjoy it.  Click the image to go to their site and see a larger size image or go to the artist’s page.

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Dilbert tries to reduce his carbon footprint

Dilbert is trying to do his best to reduce his carbon footprint but he may have gone a bit over the top on his efforts.  Click on the image to go to the Dilbert site and see it as full size.



Hundreds attend global warming protest – funny image

A little lightheated fun to start your weekend!  You should be able to see the full size image by right clicking below and selecting to view the image.


Ice sculpture of Al Gore

I had to laugh at this!

A businessman in Alaska has commissioned an ice sculpture of Al Gore, the former Vice President and “leader” of the global warming prognosticators.  I am going to copy the photos here just to reduce the load on the web server of the newspaper (the response time is pretty slow as this story flies around the Internet) but please click through and read about Craig Compeau and why he is doing this.

If you click on these images, you will be taken to the full-size image on their server.

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