A Green plan that we can all probably support


Most people that read this site know that I get frustrated by the many absurd statements that both sides make regarding the subject of global warming. I am regularly frustrated by the claims and accusations that occur. I would really like to throw this entire conversation back to the scientists and tell them to not make any statements, claims, or predictions until they have good hard science to back it up. I also want them to compare those claims of damage with claims of damage from all other bad things and offset the good things of the status quo.

That said, I think we can all get behind this GREEN claim. I picked this up over at Politically Incorrect HumorJump over there to see more.

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4 thoughts on “A Green plan that we can all probably support”

  1. George Grisancich says:


    I’m getting continuously hassled by well-meaning friends telling me climate change – and all the scary stuff it’s supposed to cause is a hoax. Whenever I counter with the usual stuff I’ve heard, like hottest decade on record, or sea-level rise, or more storms, or more droughts, they always laugh at me and tell me these aren’t proof.

    If all this stuff isn’t proof, then what can I tell them that is definite proof of human caused global warming?

    Cheers and thank you.

  2. George Grisancich says:

    Please ignore/delete this comment.

    I am a climate change skeptic/denier looking for some proof that I may be wrong. My bad for not framing my question honestly, but my experience has been that believers will not engage in discussion because they claim the science is settled.

  3. admin says:

    George – I have bad news for you. There is no definite proof. There is a lot of evidence in man-made warming but then there is a lot of evidence that humans have little to do with it and the warming is natural. There is also a lot of evidence that more humans will be better off if it got a little warmer (and evidence that some humans will have a pretty rough time).

    The horror stories that you hear are almost exclusively the result of worst case events layered onto the most extreme mathematical models. These models are inherently inaccurate as they massively simplify an incredibly complicated weather and climate system that we simply do not understand. That doesn’t mean that the models are wrong, it just means that we have little reason to believe they are correct. If all of the assumptions that go into the models are correct and if the simplifications do not over or under exaggerate the real conditions, then some of the models may be close to the right answer.

    If you are looking for proof, you won’t find it. All you will find is theory, hypothesis and belief. That doesn’t mean that man-made global warming is not going to happen, it simply means that we do not decisively know what is going on. When you start talking about belief, you start to get into the premise of religion. As we all know, when you start talking about religion the standard of “absolute truth” is subjective to one’s own interpretation.

    Your friends shouldn’t be so confident and neither should you. Neither one of you has enough proof to totally dispel all arguments.

  4. shin says:

    for me…
    we should believe it!
    will you rather choose not believing it…
    and realize it was true but everthing is already helpless?
    i’ll take my stand and prevent global warming ^^
    i don’t want to regret at the very end ^^

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