Bill Nye calls deniers ‘unpatriotic’


Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ was on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show this past Wednesday, discussing the latest round of snowstorms and if climate change is responsible. Nye told Maddow that the people who are saying that the snowstorms around Washington D.C. disproves climate change are almost ‘unpatriotic’.

Nye also said that he felt from his experience that global warming denial could be attributed to generational factors, like his personal observations that older people have a much harder time grasping how billions of people could affect the thin atmosphere. He felt that younger generations are more accepting of this possibility.

Probably the weakest argument that Nye made was that the IPCC (and the non-mentioned Al Gore) received a Nobel Peace Prize from their scientific ‘discovery.’ This is almost certainly not true – the IPCC did not claim to make any discoveries and, in fact, were only charged with understanding the currently accepted science. These same winners include those involved in the CRU ClimateGate scandal, the shrinking glaciers of the Himalayas, and the Netherlands being below sea level. A similar body of Nobel prize awarders also awarded a prize to President Barack Husein Obama for making the world a safer place.

You can watch the short version of the interview here courtesy of YouTube.

Of course, prior to this clip, Ms. Maddow went on a tirade regarding some stupid claims that because it was snowing in Washington, that global warming was not real. She included comments by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Senator Inhofe. Her innuendo was that these comments were stupid and baseless.

She was correct, the storm in Washington DC had nothing to do with global warming. However, she conveniently left off other stupid reports of short term weather phenomena such as blaming Atlanta’s drought of 2009 on global warming. Her unbalanced reporting only shows that she is willing to blame one group for stupid reporting but accepts the stupid reporting of another group for the same mistake. As I have complained on this site before, both sides tend to make some stupid claims.

So now, I leave you with her full clip.  You decide.  Is Ms. Maddow correct? Most likely. Is Ms. Maddow fair?  Was Nye fair to say old people cannot make a reasoned decision based on scientific evidence? Who is worse – the bad reporting of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity or the bad reporting of Rachel Maddow?

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3 thoughts on “Bill Nye calls deniers ‘unpatriotic’”

  1. Tom says:

    I would think that for a nation’s government to pass and implement laws and regulations that would have almost immediate devastating effects on the nation’s economy and on the lives, lifestyles and standards of living of the nation’s citizens could be just a bit unpatriotic in it’s own right.

    The really bizarre–perhaps surreal would be the better word–thing about “cap and trade” is that tax receipts for all of our governments from almost all other methods of taxation would immediately go into freefall as soon as cap and trade as currently envisioned was implemented.

    When viewed from here, about a thousand miles or so from Washington, our federal government appears to me to be in the process of trying to self-destruct as it is.
    And, yes, it is entirely possible for governments to self-destruct. If you look back through history that has almost always been the cause-of-death when great nations and great empires met their demise. Great nations don’t just die. They are assassinated by the unthinking actions and the uncontrolled excesses of their own governments.

    Cap and trade could be and likely would be far more than just “The straw that broke the camel’s back.”

  2. jjj says:

    The country is not going to implod because it’s government taxes and passes regulations (which is what it is suppose to do), it is going to implod because of irrational, fundementalist, politicians and media bigots that attempt to block any inttelligent, discourse, common sense, or progress. Conservatives, in their attempt to show that government is evil, refuse to balance a budget, reform a proven to be terrible health care system, or take action to create a more environmental stable economy. That is what is destroying the united states. Comparing the condition of the country in the year 2000 with today, I think, is a good testement of this.

  3. Steve says:

    I hoped to find a “balanced” discussion with good science and less opinion. I’ll look elsewhere…

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