Is this Dilbert on ClimateGate?


Is Scott Adams’ Dilbert making fun of the current ClimateGate controversy?

In ClimateGate, really smart researchers on the climate took a bunch of data and made some conclusions. They didn’t think their pointy-haired constituents that paid their salaries deserved to have all of the data – instead they gave us a thimble of the data. Of course, in their case they didn’t tell us to wear the thimble like a hat – they just said that we should trust them since they are scientists and know what is good for us. In fact that big pile of paper that Dilbert is carrying doesn’t exist from Paul Jones and his friends – they threw the pile of paper away and just left the thimble!

This is one of the few times that I have sympathized with pointy-haired boss!

PS I do want to do a quick side note on Dilbert and Scott Adams.  I enjoy the humor of this strip very much. To Mr. Adams credit, he makes it possible to embed his strips into blogs very easily from his site.  I wish more political cartoonists were as aware as Mr. Adams and let us use their wit to help us make a point.

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