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I had earlier mentioned the review of the “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” report that Climate Skeptic was doing.  In that review, Climate Skeptic called the following graph and the stated conclusions from it BS.

Evidently the original author didn’t like his review and challenged him publicly.  This is fantastic as it allows for the open sharing and discussing of the ideas, thoughts and conclusions.  There needs to be more of this type of exchange on critical issues such as climate change.

Climate Skeptics basic charge is that the increase in disruptions is more a result in differences in data collection over time than it is a change in climate disruptions.  Such a rapid increase in events is almost surely not solely due to weather.

So, in keeping with this dialogue, Climate Skeptic has replied.  The reply is almost better reading and more educational than the original so please click through and read the Climate Skeptic review.

Which leads one to wonder if there is a better source of data for understanding power outages over time?  Is there a reputable source that keeps track of disturbances in the system? Of course there is!  One company that makes a living out of providing real-time information on the health of the utility industry is Genscape.  I don’t know how far back Genscape’s data is gathered but you would think the government would make efforts to use a better source – unless of course the government doesn’t like the conclusions that real data will lead to!

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5 thoughts on “Author refutes review”

  1. Mica says:

    So is it the belief of this site that the Earth is not getting warmer? Or do you just question whether humans and CO2 are the cause?

    If the latter, I agree, the jury is still out.

    But if the former, you need to take another look. I have family in Alaska, lived there a while and still visit at least once/year. Just talk to anyone who has lived in Alaska for a while, and they will tell you that Alaska at least is defintely getting warmer, no doubt about that. Ice is melting earlier, permafrost foundations are collapsing, and the effects from warmer weather are significant in regards to building, hunting, fishing, erosion, transportation, almost every aspect of their lives are touched by this change.

    I don’t know if this is just a natural cycle or a sign of things to come, but Alaskans know it’s getting warmer and they need to be prepared.

  2. admin says:

    I don’t believe much aside from religion. That is the point – belief is about faith regarding things that you cannot prove. People that are strongly on one side or another on this issue are BELIEVERS as they clearly do not have the scientific basis to make an informed decision either way. The only way that they could have their strong convictions is to have FAITH that they are correct.

    Yes, it seems that it has been getting a bit warmer over the last couple decades but it is not clear how much warmer.

    Personally, I am skeptical about both extremes. There is very strong evidence that man has done a great job of screwing up planet Earth. Is it to the point of major devastation – doubtful. Likewise, there is very strong evidence that the increase in temperature in certain parts of the world is non man-made but simply natural. There is also strong evidence that if it is man-made, the fix would be worse than the cure and cause even more death to mankind.

    The death of our planet due to carbon dioxide poisoning requires the assumption that a tipping point is reached due to an increase of temperature of about 1.5C. If that tipping point would be hit at that magical number than we are in real trouble since the natural variability of our world climate could hit that number without our help. The fact that this magical temperature has been reached multiple times in the history of our planet must lead one to conclude that the magical temperature is incorrect or the rumors of the death of planet Earth are greatly exaggerated.

    I started this site over two years ago to answer 2 questions: Is It Getting Warmer? and Global Warming – Fact or Fiction? I think I still don’t definitively know the answers.

  3. goodspkr says:

    From everything I’ve read at least in the short term (since the little Ice Age stopped) it has been getting warmer.

    Does man play a role in this? I think the answer is yes. The alarmist seem to think we are the major factor. The skeptics think not so much.

    We know CO2 is a greenhouse gas and will increase the amount of heat retained by the planet. We even seem to be able to agree on how much that will be. The difference between the two positions comes down to feedback.

    Alarmist see feedback as very powerfully positive. A doubling of CO2 should result in an increase in temperature of 1-1.2 degrees C. Alarmist models have the temperature increasing from 2 to 5 degrees C due to this strong positive feedback.

    Skeptics see the feedback as much weaker or even negative. The increase since we’ve been taking temperatures does not seem to support a major increase in temperature due to feedback.

    The unknown is the climate is such a complex system we don’t know how much the temperature would have gone up or down without the industrial addition of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    I’m in the skeptic camp. I always mistrust a side that tells me I have to act now or dire things will happen when they can’t prove it. Plus the fact that surface temperature hasn’t increased in the past 10 years and ocean temperature hasn’t increased in the past 5 years. So if we were controlled by increased CO2, where’s the heat?

  4. pojoe says:

    i prefer to call myself a realist insted a alarmist what i see from year to year with our weather is real our polar ice is melting in the summer and coming down as rain and snow in the winter this will continue until our atmosphere is depleted off moisture and then you will see real global warming by the way that common seance what goes up must come down as far as you skeptics just put your heads in sand and hope it all blows by all you can do one more thing you can put your lips on your automoble tailpipe and breath in you need to adept to your future environment have your friend rev the engine.

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