Video: Censored EPA employee, Alan Carlin, appears on Fox & Friends


I first saw this video of Alan Carlin from the EPA over at Gore Lied.  I thought you should take a look.

I think Dr. Carlin looks pretty credible.  He is obviously not a great public speaker and he can probably count on one hand the number of times he has been interviewed on national television on one hand. He, wisely, doesn’t do a lot guessing in his interview and he even answers one question by saying that he can only report on what he was told.  Good for him – report the facts and let the conclusion grow from there.

I want to wish Mr. Carlin well – it is quite likely that this episode has injured his career and once again we see that the EPA is not really run by wise people!  Does everyone remember when the EPA was so derided that Ghostbusters even made fun of it?

Of course, Gretchen Carlson, asks the typical idiot question that she normally asks – this time stating she thinks that a law was broken.  Seriously, this woman needs to get off of national television. I was in a market that she covered earlier in her career and she was foolish then as well.  She is the reason that I rarely watch Fox and Friends.


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1 thought on “Video: Censored EPA employee, Alan Carlin, appears on Fox & Friends”

  1. Bob LaRue says:

    Thanks for making the Fox interview available. I read the WSJ editorial this morning. The fact that the EPA tried to silence Mr. Carlin is appalling, but not surprising. It is time for the fear mongering about global warming to end and for a real discussion of the facts to begin.

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