Geothermal Future

While I am a big proponent of nuclear energy to solve our energy needs as well as to allow us a green source of energy, geothermal also offers some advantages that may be worth considering.

Like nuclear, it takes years to implement a large geothermal plant (perhaps decades). It is imperative that the United States aggressively and quickly begins the construction of these alternative sources of energy rather than building more coal fired plants.

The NY Times ran an editorial on geothermal which I have reproduced, in part, below.  Also, for those that don’t understand the technology, the following video will allow you to learn the basics.

In short, geothermal energy is:

  • safe to operate in very populated areas


Follow-up to: Zealots have no place in an adult conversation

I recently wrote about a blogger on TPM that called for the jailing or execution of people that did not think as he did on the subject of global warming. I compared him to the zealot that recently assassinated an abortion doctor while the man was worshipping in his church.

The post had a comment of the person who says that he wrote the article. In that comment he apologized. In the comment, Insolent Braggart says that he is not a professional writer, which is hardly an excuse. I am not a professional writer either, just a former engineer turned salesman. It does not take a professional to know that spewing hatred in the form of calling for jailings and executions for thoughts and beliefs is wrong. There is also a post on TPM that says that he apologizes.


Zealots have no place in an adult conversation

I write this with sadness. I simply do not understand how people can believe in something so strongly that they would want to harm another individual for a different belief.

I recently read an article on Climate Depot that discusses an article on Talking Points Memo.  The article on TPM called for the US to “jail or execute global warming deniers”.  Wisely, TPM has taken this posting down.

TPM did not act quickly enough since Google indexed the page!  If you do a search on the opening text of the article: “What is so frustrating about these fools is that they are the politicians and greedy bastards who don’t want a cut in their profits” you will likely find that it takes a high ranking in Google (currently in first position).  The link of course is dead and leads you to a 404 page.


Ethanol’s Grocery Bill

Very good article in today’s Wall Street Journal regarding the use of ethanol and how it costs a great deal to add it to our liquid fuel supply.  The article points out that depending on the technique used to create ethanol, it adds 5%-34% more greenhouse gas to the environment than pure petroleum.

There is also a case to be made that there is pressure put on food prices due to ethanol production as well.

I am not totally against using ethanol as an additive. I think there is some advantage to keeping the market alive and viable to spur development of new techniques of creating the liquid and new crop energy sources other than corn.