Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States


I was about to write about the new report by the US Administration titled “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” and was starting my research. I was happy to find that Climate Skeptic had already started to review the document. I may add some thoughts on a future post but for now I will recreate some of his statements here and point you to that site.

I guess I am doing a review of the review!  But I have done that before and it seems to be popular and provides a service to my readers.

Here is a rather long video that was released by the US Administration:

I had difficulty downloading the actual report from some of the sites that review it (this may have been a problem with my browser) so I wanted to point the way.  It is located on this page and you can download it here.

GCCI Report #1: Overall Tone
Not a lot in this post. This post is more a setup for the rest of the posts.  I agree with the following comment though:

If you canít read the whole report, read the list of disasters on page 12. If I had shown this to you blind, and told you it from from a Paul Ehrlich the-world-will-end-in-a-decade book from the 1970s, you would probably have believed me.

This entire report assumes global warming to exist, assumes it is man-made, and assumes its future levels are as large or larger than those projected in the last IPCC report. The first four or five pages merely restate this finding with no new evidence. The majority of the report then takes this assumption, cranks it through various models, and generates scary potential scenarios about the US and it would be like if temperatures really rose 11F over the next century.

GCCI Report #2: Climate Must Be Dead Stable Without Man
Great point here:

So what? Do you really think there is a single 50-year period in the history of North America where you wouldnít see this kind of effect? Where, sans man, the chart would be all white with no changes? And even trying to pull regional conclusions out of this is almost impossible ó for example, the brown in the Southeast is heavily driven by the 2008 endpoint with a big drought. Shift the period by even a few years and the chart has the same mixture of blue and brown, but distributed differently.

GCCI Report #3: Warming and Feedback
Nothing to quote here really.  Good post on feedback if you need a refresher.

GCCI #4: I Am Calling Bullsh*t on this Chart
I completely agree that this chart begs to be challenged and the data doesn’t seem to be realistic.

Second, letís just look at some of the numbers.  Is there anyone here who thinks that if we are seeing 10-20 major outages from thunderstorms and tornadoes (the yellow bar) in the last few years, we really saw ZERO by the same definition in 1992?  And 1995?  And 1996?  Seriously?  This implies there has been something like a 20-fold increase in outages from thunderstorms and tornadoes since the early 1990ís.  But tornado activity, for example, has certainly not increased since the early 1990ís and has probably decreased (from the NOAA, a co-author of the report):

GCCI #5: The Dog That Didnít Bark
The author must have been tired on this post.  Nothing really to talk about.

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