Global Wind Day


Today is Global Wind Day.

While there are some problems with relying on wind power for the bulk of our energy needs in the US, wind probably has a place to augment and help us meet our needs, especially if the US doesn’t quickly add more nuclear generation capability!

A short video from Wind Power Works


While I typically do not reproduce pages in whole, I am going to put the entire text of the Wind Day campaign here for your convenience. You should also go to the Global Wind Day site.

In 2009, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), which initiated the Wind Day campaign, will join forces with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) in order to coordinate the first Global Wind Day. The campaign will build on the efforts and success of the European Wind Day 2007 and 2008, in which over 20 countries participated in Europe, with hundreds of public events organised.

At a time of energy and climate crisis, it is vital to explain to the decision makers why the world crucially needs an energy shift. Policy makers are seeking solutions and the wind industry offers the best way to produce CO2-free electricity quickly and efficiently.

Wind can be found everywhere, and energy from wind is helping ease the widespread dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, wind energy creates jobs and contributes to economic growth by offering highly technical know-how and the possibility of exporting wind energy and its technology.

However, wind energy is also close to the everyday life of citizens, and therefore  citizens should be aware of all the benefits deriving from the deployment of this energy source. To fully exploit worldwide wind resources we need the support of local authorities, students, communities and citizens . We need that support to explain that wind power works.

Think global Act local

The Global Wind Day is an awareness campaign for the promotion of wind energy worldwide. The message is global: wind power works it tackles climate change, it improves energy dependence on fossil fuels, and it is an intelligent investment. All the events will take place all across 25 countries worldwide. The Global Wind Day will both reach out for and be powered by the people.

On 15 June 2009, thousands of public events will be organised simultaneously. Click here to discover your local events on the wind events map.

2009 will be a crucial year for the fight against climate change. Decision makers from all over the world will meet in Copenhagen in December to discuss the post-Kyoto protocol agreement. By participating in one of the numerous events organised for the Global Wind Day you will have the possibility of learning how wind energy works, and how wind turbines work. Above all, you will join EWEA and GWEC in asking decision makers at national, regional, and local level around the world to endorse new commitments and approve proper legal frameworks that will enable a large-scale development of wind power.

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