Zealots have no place in an adult conversation


I write this with sadness. I simply do not understand how people can believe in something so strongly that they would want to harm another individual for a different belief.

I recently read an article on Climate Depot that discusses an article on Talking Points Memo.  The article on TPM called for the US to “jail or execute global warming deniers”.  Wisely, TPM has taken this posting down.

TPM did not act quickly enough since Google indexed the page!  If you do a search on the opening text of the article: “What is so frustrating about these fools is that they are the politicians and greedy bastards who don’t want a cut in their profits” you will likely find that it takes a high ranking in Google (currently in first position).  The link of course is dead and leads you to a 404 page.

Using Microsoft’s new tool, Bing, didn’t receive any hits but it is new and so I am not surprised. Yahoo’s search was equally empty.

What is so frustrating about this is that this is exactly the kind of discussion and lunacy that leads to the shooting of a doctor by anti-abortion zealots. Regardless of your beliefs on a subject, is it worth taking another’s life?  There is no reason to shoot Dr. Tiller (at a church no less) and there is no reason to call for the jailing and execution of people for their beliefs or for putting people on trial for “high crimes against humanity and nature“.

Everyone needs to relax so we can have a real conversation about these issues that we are facing.

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6 thoughts on “Zealots have no place in an adult conversation”

  1. google the title or visit ClimateRealist and read important info on AGW origins and math model….

  2. Tom Kiser says:


    Thanks for taking a stand in favor of sanity.

  3. tim maguire says:

    It’s been my experience that people who have good reasons for holding their beliefs are comfortable having those beliefs challenged–because they are comfortable defending them.

  4. I wrote the article. I am not a trained writer – and just a person frustrated with the deniers of a scientific consensus. When a hurricane caused by global warming takes out our families – what recourse against these deniers do we have then?

    NO – I don’t want them jailed. NO – I don’t want them killed (executed). I value the sanctity of all life – I was making a point using extremes – but obviously didn’t convey my point that I don’t actually want these things to happen.

  5. admin says:

    Insolent Braggart – while I respect that you are frustrated that many do not “believe” in global warming as you apparently do, it is simply not excusable to call for the criminalization of people that have other beliefs that you do. Regardless of your desire to have a literary license to do so, there is almost no good that can be accomplished by doing so. At best, you will have extremists agree with you but do nothing. At worst though you will help to incite those extremists to vigilantism.

    As a method to convince others that your version of scientific analysis is correct, spouting hatred is rarely successful. More likely than not you allow others to point to you as a heretic that needs to be ignored. Therefore any points that you may make, are drowned out by the insensitivity of your ranting.

    You are probably not an avid reader of this site. If you were you would see that there is strong evidence on both sides of this important question. Blind belief in anything is usually wrong and not understanding that others have real concerns is childish.

  6. admin says:

    Insolent Braggart –

    In addition to my earlier reply, there has never been any direct link to hurricane activity from global warming. As you will learn from this site if you care to search for it, there is strong scientific theory that suggests that global warming would DECREASE the number and strength of hurricanes. So I guess the opposite should be true – if you are worried about reducing deaths from hurricanes then I suggest that you move to a state with coal burning utilities, eat lots of meat to increase the methane, and buy a Hummer. Oh yeah, make sure you buy more China built products as that is the real concern for the vastly increasing CO2.

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