New Milepost for Arctic Sea Ice Extent


There is a great article on Watts Up With That? that you should read.

This article misses out by not making a big enough distinction that weather is not climate and climate is not weather. The amount of ice in any given 2 or 3 year stretch has as much to do regarding global warming as the occassional all time high or low that is hit in Peoria, IL. I have talked about weather v. climate before but we always seem to go around to the same things.

Last year, there was a great deal of talk about Arctic Sea ice and the fact that it was vanishing. Very little talk at the time had to do with the currents under the ice (except for here). The end of the world was at hand though if you read some blogs!

The post on WUWT does a good job of showing the various changes in ice thicknesses over the last several decades. It isn’t extremely scientific but it does show photos of open water and thin ice for as long as subs have been poking their head through the ice.

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1 thought on “New Milepost for Arctic Sea Ice Extent”

  1. tim maguire says:

    How much does this tell us about the recent history of arctic ice? Since it is all floating ice and it gets buffetted about by winds and currents (as well as growing and shrinksing with the seasons and weather patterns), can the existence/absence/thickness of ice over any particular spot, even the exact North Pole, tell us much about the overall ice cover (which I assume to be the part that matters)?

    As you know, this is coming from a person who is fairly skeptical. When I read last summer about the North Pole being “ice free for the first time”, my BS indicator immediately started screaming, but it does here too. Isn’t this also a case of exaggerating the data?

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