Alternative Energy Revolution


I saw this humorous cartoon on Web Funny and thought you would enjoy it.  Click the image to go to their site and see a larger size image or go to the artist’s page.

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7 thoughts on “Alternative Energy Revolution”

  1. Lol. Solar power is definitely the way to go and the amazing thing is that it doesnt have to be expensive either.

  2. Macnet says:

    We should concentrate more on Alternative Energy sources like hydrogen and solar because fossil fuels are already depleted and they are polluting the environment.

  3. Anna Begum says:

    Every government should focus more on Alternative Energy so as not to be too dependent on Oil and avoid air pollution as well.;:-

  4. Kian Gray says:

    oh how i wish that we are all using Alternative sources of energy instead of oil ~

  5. We have to work from grounds up – on a grass roots level. As long the greedy and corrupt profit driven elements have the financial backing to manipulate the vast public with mass media brain wash.

  6. teravel says:

    It would be wonderful if the world could change to Alternative Energy. I recently heard about a magnet powered generator that produces enough energy to run the appliances in the average Four person home. Although I am unsure of how real this is, the idea behind it could lead to some great products that could be better than wind and solar energy combined.

  7. there is no better way of harnessing nature’s energy other than the use of alternative energy sources ‘

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