Can I sell you a hybrid?

BloggingStocks – January 3, 2009

So once again Americans prove to be a fickle lot.  We just came through a period of record oil prices and now we are enjoying liquid fuel at a price point that is probably as low (adjusted for inflation) as it was in the 70s before the first big oil rush.  Our car companies are in trouble because of lack of money for loans and the general lack of consumer interest in buying cars.  One of the chief complaints about the Big 3 is that they didn’t build fuel efficient cars but instead concentrated on gas guzzlers like SUVs and trucks.  The pundits are all saying they should build hybrids and that would save them.


Ice melting across globe at accelerating rate, NASA says

CNN – December 16, 2008

This story about the rapid melting of ice in the major cold areas of the world (Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska) needs to cause everyone concern.  While the story doesn’t convincingly discuss the causality of the situation, it does point out that increased melting accelerates the planets warming due to loss of reflectivity of the “white” ice.

The article goes on to point out the increase of pine beetles which is theorized to be attributed to a warmer environment.  It even goes so far as to predict the increase in sea level (ala Al Gore) by the end of the century based on this loss of ice.


Is RealClimate becoming balanced?

The scientists at RealClimate are amazingly smart.  I would never want to get into a deep scientific argument with these guys because they have so much scientific minutiae at their fingertips.  However, I have been moderately critical of them at times when they allow their zealousness for global warming to cloud their common sense.

Perhaps now though they are seeing things in a bit more balance. The latest article from RealClimate actually condemns some absurd global warming claims such as the extremes of weather (and that it is not affected by global warming) and the relative increases and decreases in certain animal populations (and that it is probably not global warming related either).  If you have read this blog over the many months that it has been published then you have seen such claims laughed at as well (see here for one of the more funny claims).


I am back!

Just a quick note to all my old readers.  I took a break from this blog during the presidential election since I didn’t want to play partisan politics between the two candidates.  Global warming is a scientific discussion with significant political overtones (that are not always rational).  I was having strong urges to immerse myself in condemning various candidates for stupid statements.  I suppressed this urge for awhile but felt that taking a break was a better alternative.

After the long gap, I needed an “event” to kickoff again.  That event was the first weekend of the New Year.  I hope all that read this blog enjoy a wonderful 2009.