Scientists flip-flop on Antarctic melting


I originally found this opinion in “The Detroit News” and so you can click through and read the entire article.  I really cannot explain this topic better than Mr. Taylor and I suggest that you read my highlights here and then read the full article if it is interesting to you.

Understand that Mr. Taylor works for the Heartland Institute which is known as being pretty close to the edge when it comes to rational discussion on this issue.  However, even people with extremely strong feelings on an issue are not totally wrong and need to be listened to. 

In this case, I believe that it is true that weather scientists use a bit of selective editing to make sure that real world events fits some model. I also don’t like one of the latest “studies” which interpolates data in the Antarctic and then runs analysis on it.  This is a practice that is a bit short sighted.

Mr. Taylor’s opening statement is almost exactly my statement on my dedication page.

When dealing with the latest hysterical claims about global warming, it’s essential to keep in mind a fundamental principle of science: Theories must be testable. A scientific theory describes a predicted outcome and one or more means by which the theory can be tested.

Far from supporting a sound scientific theory that humans are creating a global warming crisis, last week’s assertion by prominent global warming alarmists that Antarctica is getting warmer illustrates the flip-flopping nature of global warming predictions.

…After Gore asserted icebergs breaking off the West Antarctic ice sheet proved Antarctica was feeling the effects of human-induced global warming, real scientists pointed out that most of Antarctica has been getting colder for decades.

…In February 2008, a Web site administered by prominent global warming alarmist Michael Mann featured an article acknowledging that Antarctica has been getting colder, but asserting, “a cold Antarctica is just what calculations predict … and have predicted for the past quarter century. … Bottom line: A cold Antarctica and Southern Ocean do not contradict our models of global warming. For a long time the models have predicted just that.”

The 2008 party line was weak. Significantly, the alarmists could not point to previously published predictions of human-induced global warming causing Antarctica to cool.

…Mann’s Web site now speculates that humans may be causing Antarctic warming.

But NASA satellite instruments and most Antarctic ground temperature stations show Antarctica has been cooling. Mann and his colleagues rely on highly subjective and controversial “data-smoothing” to assert that all the other temperature reports are wrong.

Sound science dictates that a theory be testable and conform to known facts. When it is asserted that anything and everything that could possibly happen is consistent with and proves a certain set of beliefs, that is not science. That is religion, and nothing more.

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