Is it too cold outside to have global warming?


There has been some talk in the press and on some of the blogs that it is too cold in the last couple years to have a global warming trend.  Some even say that the warming trend is reversed and it is now going to get colder.  There are a variety of people that discuss that the ice caps are re-freezing after having melted which signals that global warming is reversing. Some talk of a local low record that was set at some airport.

The reality is that much of this talk is about weather and not about climate.  It is not possible to measure climate within a couple year span.  It takes much longer than that to eliminate the various highs and lows from the trend so most climatologists suggest 5-10 years (or longer) before anything is really called climate.

To make matters worse, even the weather may not be the major influence on the arctic ice – it may be the ocean currents which probably have no relationship to global warming.

So go ahead and curse while you dig out your driveway from that major snowfall.  Make sure you take cover from any tornadoes and hurricanes that are coming your way. And be careful how much you water your lawn in the dry period in the summer.  Their presence means almost nothing in the global warming discussion although it surely will affect your day in a meaningful way.

While you are at it, enjoy this recent political cartoon.

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4 thoughts on “Is it too cold outside to have global warming?”

  1. Kirk says:

    Now that we have cooling for more than 10 years from the peak (which was due to oceans – i.e., nature), with the last few years colder than the prior year (due to oceans and lack of sunspots – i.e., nature), when do we conclude that we are in a cooling cycle? If not, when do we declare that we were not in a warming cycle or at least in a very gradual, gentle warming cycle? When do we declare that we do not have to react to hysterical environmentalists and politicians and do not have to take draconian measures to solve a non-problem.

    How much colder do we have to get before we can get the man-made global warming apologists / hysterics to conclude that (1) CO2 is not a factor – maybe a lagging indicator, but not a leading indicator, (2) man is not a major contributor – pretty arrogant to think that we are more powerful than nature, and (3) it is nature (sun, oceans, earth’s rotation, natural events) that warms and cools the planet, just like it has done for billions of years?

    When will we see new models to show that, even though they could not predict the cooling, whatever warming occurs in the next hundred years will be insignificant, since the latest cooling has wiped out more than 20 years of warming while CO2 was ever-increasing?

  2. admin says:

    Actually, the folks at RealClimate say that this is all according to plan. I don’t understand their logic but that is what they say.

  3. tim maguire says:

    I’m sure the Real Climate folks will say everything is according to plan. No matter what that everything might be.

    It’s become a joke, one I repeat occasionally, that the difference between climate and weather is this: if it is unusually warm, that is climate. If it is unusually cold, that is weather. 5-10 years is far too short a period of time to make the jump from weather to climate (in fact, that they would even say such a thing suggests that the difference is arbitrary nomenclature and, therefore, not relevant to the AGW discussion), but if that is their standard, then the folks at NASA are one or two years away from declaring a cooling trend.

  4. George says:

    I don’t understand why I hear nothing in media about the earth’s magnetic poles shifting and it being the cause of these extreme weather patterns we have seen over these years. I do understand that Global Warming can be a billion dollar industry for Al Gore. But what about all the opposite affects that have and are taking place. Extreme weathers in their opposite climates. Since when has it ever snowed or hailed ice rain in Iraq and Mexico. And the many other tropical places. Tropical fish are being seen in the northern waters. Mammals are moving directions in to other areas. Are they being warmed out of their environment or following their inner survival senses. Either way.. For about 8 years I have followed the prophecies and forecasts of Her Holiness Hehpsehboah A. She has the longest track record of total accuracy. She speaks about the wobbling of the earth due to the unbalancing through sucking out oil, and the vibration from bombing underground and in war. she says the planet goes through this natural cycle but according to the actions of mankind, this transaction will be smooth or more drastically harsh. It makes sense to me, Check in to it.

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