Is RealClimate becoming balanced?


The scientists at RealClimate are amazingly smart.  I would never want to get into a deep scientific argument with these guys because they have so much scientific minutiae at their fingertips.  However, I have been moderately critical of them at times when they allow their zealousness for global warming to cloud their common sense.

Perhaps now though they are seeing things in a bit more balance. The latest article from RealClimate actually condemns some absurd global warming claims such as the extremes of weather (and that it is not affected by global warming) and the relative increases and decreases in certain animal populations (and that it is probably not global warming related either).  If you have read this blog over the many months that it has been published then you have seen such claims laughed at as well (see here for one of the more funny claims).

I fear that they will go back to one-sided claims in the future but for now, we can enjoy a bit of balance.  Read the RealClimate article here.


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