I am back!


Just a quick note to all my old readers.  I took a break from this blog during the presidential election since I didn’t want to play partisan politics between the two candidates.  Global warming is a scientific discussion with significant political overtones (that are not always rational).  I was having strong urges to immerse myself in condemning various candidates for stupid statements.  I suppressed this urge for awhile but felt that taking a break was a better alternative.

After the long gap, I needed an “event” to kickoff again.  That event was the first weekend of the New Year.  I hope all that read this blog enjoy a wonderful 2009.


1 thought on “I am back!”

  1. tim maguire says:

    Welcome back.

    It’s the unfortunate reality that, because so much of the public debate revolves around efforts to push government programs, everything that can be said about climate change has a political angle. It’s part of what makes dispassionate discussion and analysis almost impossible.

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