Pelosi’s Energy Stonewall


Wall Street Journal – August 1, 2008

The Wall Street Journal has a rather cynical look at the state of our elected representatives and their current stance on energy bills.  It appears that the rank and file elected representative is quite in favor of doing something proactive to increase energy supply.  However, Ms. Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, and her partner Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, have effectively stifled anything good (or bad) from their respective chambers just to prevent more energy production either in the form of drilling, nuclear, or traditional sources. (Follow the feed link to read the rest of the story).

The opinion even goes so far as to charge that the actions of the Legislature have put 93% of the US energy footprint off-limits to expansion.

I certainly hope that this isn’t true but I know that others in the blogosphere are also complaining about this and have expressed opinions that the Reid/Pelosi leadership team is potentially harming America.

I do not advocate a total re-working of our government but there is something wrong when 2 individuals can hold so much power and they were not voted on by the population at large but instead were only chosen by their own constituencies.

Hell — otherwise known as Congress — has officially frozen over. For the first time since the 1950s, Members will skip town today for the August recess without either chamber having passed a single appropriations bill. Then again, Democrats appear ready to sacrifice their whole agenda, even spending, rather than allow new domestic energy production.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know that they would lose if a vote ever came to the floor, and they’re desperate to suppress an insurrection among those Democrats who are pragmatic about one of the top economic issues. Behind this whatever-it-takes obstructionism is an ideological commitment to high energy prices. The rulers of the Democratic Party want prices to keep rising.

But the legislation actually failed to become law — by design.

Majority Leader Reid briefly agreed to allow four amendments on GOP policy alternatives, but he withdrew the offer after he was subjected to the fury of the environmental lobby and Ms. Pelosi.

But Al Gore’s vision of the apocalyptic tides of climate change perfectly expresses their mentality: Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid see soaring prices as a public good — the mechanism that will force energy enlightenment on the U.S.

But the leadership won’t bend even a bit, and so Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid have spent the summer using every parliamentary deception to evade debating the issue that the American public cares most about. Short of cutting off the air conditioning on Capitol Hill, Democrats won’t get the message until voters make them — perhaps in November.

You can read the rest of the article here.  If you do not have a WSJ subscription, then you can do a Google search for Peolosi’s Energy Stonewall and other sites that care less about copyright infringement will have put the entire article on their site.

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2 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Energy Stonewall”

  1. Joanofarc says:

    In addition to Pelosi’s Energy Stonewall we also have the following.:

    Pelosi, Reid, and B. Frank , to name a few, should be impeached for the manner in which they purposely delayed legislation on the Freddie Max and Fannie Mae situation as far back as 2005-2006. According to minutes of the Financial Committee meetings they disregarded warnings by Bush and McCain who had requested immediate action be taken and additional controls be placed on these two corporations, but they charged Bush with conducting a witch hunt against these two corporation and refused to pass the needed legislation causing a large part of the financial crisis we are dealing with today.

    Now deliberately holding off processing of the stimulus package until Obama takes office, is yet another example of how she and her cohorts operate. By wanting all the glory themselves from the American Voters, they delayed action to gain favor. If the stimulus package could have been started back in the later part of the year when it was first discussed and deemed necessary, the people would have be able to receive the money earlier. Yet they play their power games at the expense of the people.

    These people have no place in our government. and this type of tactical maneuvering to benefit themselves is disgustful. They should be impeached. due to the amount of damage they have caused.

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