Open letter to the UN Secretary General

0 Comments – July 14, 2008

A group of 13 prominent scientists have written a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon requesting him to “redress the lack of scientific integrity of the UN’s Climate Change Panel (IPCC) and to stop making reactionary and futile ‘Climate Change’ recommendations that hold back the developing world.”

I am not going to reproduce the entire letter here as it is freely available in PDF format.  I will point out that these are not lightweight scientists.  Evidently the signatories are below and they include at least one Nobel Prize winner.

  • Piers Corbyn Astrophysicist & forecaster, WeatherAction, UK
  • Vincent Gray IPCC Expert Reviewer, Climate Consultant, NZ
  • Richard Courtney IPCC Exp. Rev., Energy & Envir. Consultant, UK
  • Hans Labohm IPCC Expert Reviewer, Economist & Author, Holland
  • Will Alexander Prof. Em. Dept. Civil & Biosystems, South Africa
  • Don Parkes Prof. Human Ecology (Ret.) Australia & Japan
  • Joseph D’Aleo Certified Consultant Meteorologist, Fellow AMS, USA
  • Svend Hendriksen Nobel Peace Prize 1988 (shared), Greenland
  • Alan Siddons Climate Researcher, USA
  • Bob Ashworth Chem. Eng. (Energy & Environment), USA
  • Norm Kalmanovitch Geophysicist, Canada,
  • Jim Peden Atmospheric Physicist (Ret.), USA
  • Hans Schreuder Analytical Chemist (Ret.)

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