Chuck Norris is an energy expert?


I originally found out about Chuck Norris and his crusade for drilling on US land and territory by reading an article on The Chilling Effect. As my frequent readers know, I regularly make fun of celebrities that use their “star status” to promote the reduction of global warming influences (Laurie David, Live Earth, Al Gore).  Other blogs have gotten into that act as well commenting on Sheryl Crow (here and here) as well as other superstars.  In fact, there is a great list of “supporters” that make one start to question the education of any superstar.

I am glad that Mr. Norris is expressing his opinion but I really don’t care. He used to be a reasonable draw at the box office and his acting skills were fitting for his genre.  I am sure he does a great job of selling exercise equipment on TV since I see the ads almost daily.  The fact that FoxNews spent 8 minutes with him has more to do with his star power than his knowledge of the industry (if he would read this site he would’ve known that you should leave your windows up in your car while driving).


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  1. DrSkoczy says:

    Is there something stronger than chuck high kick 🙂

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