Cheney wanted cuts in climate testimony


USA Today – July 8, 2008

Politics, once again, rears its nasty head in the discussion of global warming.  I really don’t know what the truth is here and, frankly, I am not sure that I care.  On one side we have a mid-level manager saying that Vice President Dick Cheney forced the changing of testimony but refusing to give much very much detail. On the other side we have a White House spokesman saying the editing process was standard. 

It seems reasonable that Mr. Cheney should have some say on testimony from an Executive Branch organization.  He is the second in command of that branch of government.  It is not obvious to me that he actually changed anything but rather expressed his views.  The way I read this article, it seems that Ms. Gerberding made her statements over the objection of Mr. Cheney.

It seems a little suspicious to me that a supporter of the Democratic presumptive nominee is raising this concern 4 months before the election.

Overall, it seems like a lot of time wasting and my fingers feel dirty just typing this post.

Some of the government’s top scientists were forced by Vice President Cheney’s office to downplay the health dangers of global warming when testifying before Congress, a former senior EPA official said Tuesday.

The White House denies any coverup and the agencies involved say they still got their message across.

Jason Burnett, … refused to name who forced the deletion of health concerns.

…Cheney’s office and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality wanted “any discussions of the human health consequences of climate change”….

CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said Gerberding conveyed her message to the committee in October despite the changes.

You can read the entire article here.

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