Saving Gas – Part 2 of 3


This is the second of our series on dealing with the high price of gas.  Yesterday, we discussed what the true price of gas was but that still acknowledged that the rapid increase has left people and companies feeling the pinch in the budgets.

Don’t buy the fuel enhancing gadgets that are advertised.  Even if you see them advertised on this site, these things are a waste of money and time.  MSN Money reports:

Over the years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has tested myriad gas-saving devices that burst onto the consumer scene: devices that bleed air into the carburetor or bubble air through a container of water and antifreeze mixture, fuel-line gadgets that heat the gas before it enters the carburetor, magnets that clamp to the inside or outside of the fuel line to change the gasoline’s molecular structure and metallic fuel-line additives with dissimilar metals that claim to ionize the fuel.

Experts say they all have one thing in common. “They don’t work,” says John Millett, spokesman for the EPA. “Believe me, if it were that easy, cars would be built that way, especially the magnets and whirligig devices. It’s smart to be skeptical about any claims like that.”

Buy the best price in your locality.  Long gone should be the loyalty to your local service station.  When I was a kid, we always bought gas from the same station – they pumped the gas, checked our oil, cleaned the windows and gave the cute kid in the back (me) a sucker.  No one has that level of service anymore so don’t lose money by being loyal.  Use web sites like GasBuddy and GasPriceWatch, to easily to keep a tabs on which stations have the best prices in your area. With frequent user-supplied updates, price indexing web sites can help you make the decision to fuel up right next door or on the way to work to save the most. GasBuddy has even been incorporated as a feature in Google Maps. However, do use common sense: you won’t save any money, gas, or time by driving 10 miles to save a penny a gallon.

Keep your car properly serviced and tuned up. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your car and increase your fuel efficiency. Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended intervals for oil changes, belt changes, and general tuneups. Keep track of your car’s maintenance schedule with online products like ServiceBeacon.

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