Fear Inducing from Mr. Al Gore


I probably blast former Vice President Al Gore more than anyone else on this site. While my views on the cause of global warming are very neutral, my frustration with this powerful politician is enormous. He has taken the opportunity of the massive tragedy in Myanmar (in excess of 22,000 as I write this) to push his global warming strategy and message.

Watch the video below and then read my comments following it:

The amazing thing about this is that there is so much evidence against an increase in major storms right now. Yes, there is evidence for an increase as well. The reality is that the cause of these storms is so complex that we really can’t model the cause and effect relationships well enough to ascertain what the outcome will be.Let’s talk about the evidence against that stands in front of Mr. Gore’s claims. I am going to keep each statement short but link to the supporting article or conversation.

The blogosphere is awash in comments on the vulgarity of Mr. Gore in his opportunism. Here are some select links:

  1. Is there a better example of a modern ambulance chaser-writ-large than former Veep and Nobel Prize winner Albert Gore?
  2. By the way, this storm was only a category three, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story?
  3. Generally, I’d rather avoid posts that simply result in me calling somebody an “idiot”. It’s not very profound and doesn’t do a lot for you. If I tell you that Gore is an idiot, the vast majority of you will respond with “tell me something I don’t know”.

I am sure that I join all of my readers in my sadness in the many deaths in Myanmar. I pray that God will give sustenance and peace to the survivors of this major tragedy.

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3 thoughts on “Fear Inducing from Mr. Al Gore”

  1. Tom Kiser says:

    C’mon, Sean. You should cut the goofball political gadfly a little slack. After all, his pronouncements are supported by the principals of AlleGorical science.

  2. admin says:

    Tom – I don’t complain when he sticks to well regarded science but when he puts a “spin” on it, it bothers me. He starts out saying that the devastation was caused by global warming and then says that any individual storm can’t be attributed. It is very unlikely given the temperatures in that part of the ocean that this storm started from that global warming had anything to do with this terrible tragedy.

  3. Al Gore says:

    You think my stance on Myanmar is bad? You think Global Warming is bad? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! If you love your family and your children, you’ll see my new movie…


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