Hurricane Expert: School Silencing Me Over Global-Warming Views


FoxNews – April 29, 2008

I just wrote an article where I discussed that William Gray was being vilified for his comments and stance on global warming.  Now I read that his employer, is cutting back on his funding. Dr. Gray says that this is due to his beliefs and accused the school of “capitulation” to the forces of global warming.

I don’t know what Colorado State University has as its true goals in this move. It is almost always possible to assume that hidden motives are in play when it comes to money and quite often the motives are honorable. However in the words of Kurt Cobain:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”

If you would like to contact Colorado State University regarding the hurricane reports, it appears you can write Emily Wilmsen at Other bloggers are also discussing this story and they offer great insights that you may want to read:

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Here are a few excerpts from the FoxNews article on the subject.

Dr. William Gray, who once said that pro-global warming scientists are “brainwashing our children,” claims that Colorado State University will no longer promote his yearly North Atlantic hurricane forecasts due to his controversial views.

Gray: “this is obviously a flimsy excuse and seems to me to be a cover for the Department’s capitulation to the desires of some (in their own interest) who want to reign [sic] in my global warming and global warming-hurricane criticisms”

School officials denied that Gray’s stand on global warming was an issue, and said that they are cutting back on media support for his forecasts due to the strain it places on the school’s lone media staffer.

“It seems peculiar that this is happening now,” Donald Wright, a professor on public relations at Boston University, told the Chronicle. “Given the national reputation that these reports have, you would think the university would want to continue to promote these forecasts.”

Gray contends it’s all a hoax contrived by scientists hungry for research funding, media professionals thirsting for Pulitzer Prizes and foreign powers seeking to create a single world government.

You can read the full article here

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  1. tim maguire says:

    While I don’t pretend to know the inside baseball at CSU, their explanation seems awfully fishy. The university is discontinuing support for the forecasts because they are too popular and too many people and organizations are interested in them?

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