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Today is Earth Day.  Regardless of your feelings about the cause or realism of global warming, you probably would not be reading this site if you didn’t have some level of concern for the health of the planet.

Earth Day is not about global warming but rather a general understanding that we need to take care of our planet as best that we can.  It’s resources are, by definition, limited. At least as of this writing, it is the best place in the universe that we know of that can support human life – in fact it is the only place.

I would like to quote Stephen Leahy on an Earth Day Wish:

Take time to be outside today.

Think about everything that nature provides – air, water, plants and animals that sustain us. Such gifts should not be taken lightly for they can vanish or be contaminated. In our numbers and powerful technologies we are ‘the bull in nature’s china shop’. We need to take great care.

May you always cherish this Earth and share in her joys.

A few great facts on Earth Day that I picked up at Wikipedia:

  • April 22 was the birthday of actor Eddie Albert. Because of Eddie Albert’s early work with environmental causes and groups, when International Earth Day was created, it was decided it must be held on April 22 because that is his birthday.
  • April 21 was the birthday of John Muir, who founded the Sierra Club. This is not lost on organizers who thought that April 22 was Muir’s birthday.
  • April 22 is also the birthday of Julius Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor Day, a national tree-planting holiday started in 1872. Arbor Day became a legal holiday in Nebraska in 1885, to be permanently observed on April 22. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation “the most common day for the state observances is the last Friday in April . . . but a number of state Arbor Days are at other times to coincide with the best tree planting weather.” It has since been largely eclipsed by the more widely observed Earth Day, except in Nebraska, where it originated.
  • For today’s article, I will simply point to some great e-cards that are available to commemorate this day.  These ecards come from The Nature Conservancy.

    My apologies to my regular readers, the pressures of my work have prevented me from posting for the last few days.  I will restart my regular postings now that the effort has eased somewhat.

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