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On Friday, I showed a preview clip of Al Gore on Sunday’s 60 Minutes television show. While my comments were not very flattering towards Mr. Gore, I at least did not call him any names or degrade his intelligence (as he did to others). I did question his motives and will continue to do that. Today, though, I want everyone to see his first TV ad which has the theme of not waiting for someone else to lead through the problem.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to see the embedded ad.

It is interesting that the ad points out the war on fascism embodied in World War 2 and says we didn’t wait for someone else to storm the beaches of Normandy. Unfortunately, the We Can Solve organization is a little bit shaky on world history since we did wait for quite awhile before we joined the European battle. Several countries had already fallen to Nazi Germany by the time we entered the conflict and thousands of people had already perished.

It also points out the civil rights movement which is a very US based issue with our historical slavery problem, our civil war, and our segregation policies. While other countries went down this road after us (e.g. South Africa), many European countries addressed these issues many years earlier.

Their third example is putting a man on the moon. While the US was definitely the first (and only) nation to accomplish this task, we hardly can say we didn’t wait in the space race. It was only after Sputnik circled the globe that the US got real serious about efforts to leave our planet.

Maybe the theme to take from this ad is: “We can wait and then we will probably do it better” but that is not really the goal of the ad.

So I guess this ad is like a lot of stuff that has Mr. Gore’s stamp on it: pretty content but a little loose on the facts. By all accounts, Mr. Macy is a pretty smart guy – did he think about his words before he narrated the ad? My opinion on the Martin Agency has also taken a step down (even though I think their UPS spots are great).

When will Mr. Gore learn that exaggerations and partial truths doesn’t help his credibility and his case? OOPS, I forgot, Mr. Gore is a politician at heart. I am not sure that any politician ever learns that lesson.

I don’t condemn Mr. Gore or the We Can Solve It organization for this campaign. I think at a minimum it should raise the level of conversation on the topic. Then maybe more people will understand my position that we need to invest a lot more money on understanding the climate before we spend 100X that amount to try and change it.

This is not the famous ad that everyone speaks of that has Ms. Pelosi with Mr. Gingrich, and Rev. Roberston with Rev. Sharpton. I guess those ads are going to come out later this week. If I can find them on the web, I will post them as well.

The following video is being fed from here and is on the We Can Solve It website.

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1 thought on “We Can Solve It advertising campaign”

  1. USpace says:

    Great site! Gore and his Man-Bear-Pig. The politicians on board with this scam must be simply out of their minds.
    For one thing, there’s plenty of oil and NG, we just need to drill for it and refine it. Also expand nuclear, wind, hydro, sun and hemp fuel.

    Can’t anybody talk some sense into McCain and Obama about how temperatures rise first, and THEN carbon-dioxide levels rise.
    Carbon-dioxide doesn’t cause warming, sun activity does, warming causes CO2 levels to rise.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    humans’ breath is poison

    just one child hurts the world
    worse than a jet engine

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    keep people all worked up

    about global warming
    despite inconvenient facts

    The Great Global Warming Scam Movie



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