Gore’s Message To Climate Change Skeptics


CBS News – March 27, 2008

Former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore has called the current Vice President of the United States, Mr. Dick Cheney, a “flat-earther” and compares him to “the one who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the world is flat”.  Mr. Gore did go on to say that judgement was a little demeaning but not far off.

I am not surprised that Mr. Gore has made these statements.  His film “An Inconvenient Truth” is full of exaggerations and misstatements.  For him to exaggerate and compartmentalize people who have legitimate concerns about the global warming discussion is not surprising.

This discussion is actually quite timely.  I know that I tend to see the worst in some people but I find it interesting that Gore is coming out at this particular time with this interview.  Many US Democrats (Mr. Gore’s political party) wanted him to run for President in 2008 but he didn’t.  Now that Democrats are almost evenly split in their choice of Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton there is talk of drafting Mr. Gore at the convention.  Look out Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton – the Gore train may be bearing down on you.

I guess the one thing that you can be certain about is that I personally would not be voting for Mr. Gore for President in 2008.  Not because of his stance on global warming but because of his exaggerations that I have documented on this site as he discusses it.

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