Green initiatives making only small dent


East Bay Business Times – January 30, 2008

There is no doubt that it is difficult to make a real difference in changing the waste of our precious resources. While Al Gore may say that it is simple to make a major impact, the sad reality is that it isn’t. It takes considerable effort to make a major change and this underpins how difficult it would be to reverse mankind’s creation of carbon dioxide.

Even the recent Superbowl has tried to be a more green endeavor but the results were probably less than satisfactory. They even planted a bunch of trees to offset the carbon production, even though the carbon lifecycle shows that this is not truly a long-term solution to the problem since the trees will eventually die and then release most of their carbon back to nature.

Over the last couple of years, there is no doubt that companies have gotten cleaner, greener, and more efficient, but the gains being made are only incremental, and are being offset by an ever-growing economy….

… where Greener World Media and Makower could measure, they found mixed results. They compiled an index of 20 measures — from alternative-fuel vehicles to carbon intensity and from clean technology investing to pesticide use — and made a call on whether and made a call on whether business is swimming (making progress), treading water, or sinking. The authors found business is making progress in just eight areas: disclosing carbon emissions, clean technology investments and patents, energy efficiency, green office space, paper use and recycling, quality of management, and reducing toxic emissions.

While they found companies have made some progress in reducing carbon emissions, “it just isn’t adequate,” Makower said. “It’s incremental as opposed to the much-bolder change that scientists and most governments around the world believe we need to make.”

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