Study: Climate change could cost economy billions


Jacksonville Business Journal – December 14, 2007

There has been a great deal of analysis on the costs of curbing emissions to the US economy but very little in analysis on a local scale of the costs of the change in climate if global warming continues. This study allows for causation to be a mixture of natural and human and doesn’t allocate responsibility to either side.

There are a few things in the article that don’t appear to be substantiated.

  • pointing to Ponte Vedra Beach as an indicator of the bad things to come for Florida seems like a red herring. Does the study really think any changes at that particular beach are due to the changes in the climate to date? Ocean levels have not increased that dramatically compared to 2 or 3 decades ago
  • there is quite a bit of counter-proof regarding increased hurricane activity. I have written on this several times.

Overall, it is important for communities to understand and plan for any changes that are likely to happen. It is important to remember that much of this is conjecture and possible worst case analysis though.

Climate change could cause $27 billion worth of harm to Florida’s tourism, electrical utilities and real estate industries by 2025 if ignored….

The projection also accounts for the damage caused by increased hurricane activity. It does not include climate change’s effects on insurance costs; its blows to the agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors; or damage to ecosystems….

Florida is expected to be one of the biggest losers among states because of its large amount of coastline. The state’s gross state product is expected to shrink by 5 percent by the end of the century if action isn’t taken to curb emissions, translating to a loss of about $345 billion.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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2 thoughts on “Study: Climate change could cost economy billions”

  1. Roger King says:

    Interesting article but if they are going to publish this then they need to also publish the cost savings and increases in productivity, lives saved and other things associated with warming.

  2. Dean Lenters says:

    Who knows what happens next… All I know is:

    Drive defensively buy a tank. 🙂

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