Companies try to make going green easier


Denver Business Journal – December 7, 2007

I haven’t made any secret of my distrust of the carbon credits (or carbon trading) programs that are on the market. I have written about them often and have pointed out multiple times where they are more scam than good. While I am certain that there are some programs that have good intentions, the devil is usually in the details and the details are usually not very good.

I can’t tell if the two programs in this article are good or bad.  They don’t give enough details in the article but I am suspicious.  While the companies that ShipGreen and AllState are donating to appear to be above board, they simply are not sharing enough information to tell if the money is doing any good.  I am reminded that BusinessWeek did an article on this type of effort only to find that little of the offset money did any good.

Let us hope that this money is going to good use and is not simply a simple effort to make consumers feel good without really having any solid impact.

Two companies are working on ways to help consumers be green — without having to work too hard.

ShipGreen figures out how much carbon dioxide, considered a contributor to global warming, is emitted when products are shipped to a customer — and then asks the customer if they want to pay a little bit more money to offset those emissions. The customer can choose to invest their money in a wind farm in New Zealand, a tree farm in China, or a solar power plant in India, Sperling said.

Allstate launched a pilot program in Colorado and Ohio on Nov. 12, offering customers Allstate Green. New or existing car insurance customers who sign up for Allstate Green automatically will be enrolled in the company’s “Easy Pay” plan, which saves customers about 2 percent on their premium and nearly eliminates paper statements.

Also, Allstate will send a $30 contribution to for each insurance customer who goes with Allstate Green. They money is to be spent on four projects: planting trees in Kansas and Louisiana, and wind energy projects in Texas and Iowa.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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